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One Piece Chapter 1022 spoilers confirmed and release date

August 16, 2021

One Piece Chapter 1022 spoilers confirmed and release date

All Tobiroppo finally fell for One Piece 1022 spoilers that arrived earlier than usual this week. The One Piece manga is currently on hiatus from WSJ, and we won’t have a chapter premiere for next weekend. The spoiler updates for the next chapter already look interesting and promise a lot of action from now on. We’re getting updates from other battlefronts that we haven’t seen in a long time, and only the elite remain, so their battles will be on the next level.

The last chapter of the manga has just concluded Tobiroppo’s last fight, from which Robin and Brook were victorious. Therefore, the manga will not last forever, as it will go straight to the All-Stars fights in the next chapter. This should be interesting because, however the manga continues from here on, it will be the battle of the most advanced individuals that we have seen in the manga.

We also got more news from Kidd’s side, who we last saw chasing Big Mom with Law following them. Hawkins makes an appearance too, and once again it’s the usual instinct as we know it. He seems to have prepared enough before fights thanks to his letters that always give him clues about what will happen in the future.

So far we haven’t heard much from Law’s side, so he’s probably keeping Big Mom at bay with Kidd and his team. Hawkins tying Kidd to his powers could be a boring move for the worst generation. Therefore, Killer will have to be careful when facing Hawkins, as the result will have an impact on Kidd as well. But that’s just a time-saving tactic for Hawkins, who just wants to survive this war.

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1022

We have received the latest spoilers for One Piece 1022, the chapter is titled “Ornament”.

  • Raizo will face Fukurokuju 1v1.
  • The defeat of all Tobiroppo is broadcast throughout Onigashima.
  • There are only 15 minutes left until the Onigashima accident in the flower capital.
  • Killer vs. Hawkins, Hawkins reveals that he tied a straw doll to Kid.
  • Sanji vs. King and queen
  • Sanji fights to fight the King and Queen at the same time.
  • Nekomamushi prevents Marco from intervening, who was about to shoot an arrow at Sanji.
  • Marco steps in to block the King’s attack while Sanji is overwhelmed.
  • Marco tells King that he has heard of a race capable of handling fire that lived on the Red Line.
  • Zoro makes a full recovery and, at the end of the chapter, appears with Sanji attacking the King and Queen to an astonishing extent.
  • Zoro to Sanji: If we win this battle…
  • Sanji: Yes, we’ll be closer to that …
  • Zoro and Sanji together: Luffy will become the Pirate King.

The raid on Wano intensifies

Take a look at the latest spoilers and where the next chapters will go. We can already see that this battle is at least at the All-Star level. The All-Stars are Kaidou’s team that only follows him, which means that among the Beast Pirates, Kaidou is the only one more powerful than them.

The same is true of Big Mom’s side, as the latter only brought in the strongest candidates from her team. We have very few headliners left in this fight, with contenders like Hawkins still standing. Soon we should also see what happens to X Drake, who has switched sides.

As time passes, Kaïdou and his alliance continue to lose ground, and soon the samurai camp will be on par with them as the fighting escalates. We should wait and see how this continues. And with Zoro back in the fight, we should only see his prime this time, as there’s a good chance that the recovery drug he took won’t work the second time around.

We also have other interesting battle fronts like Law’s side that we’ll probably see more of in the next few chapters as well.

Chapter 1022: Release Date

The new chapter of One Piece arrives after two weeks of waiting. Thus, One Piece chapter 1022 will go on sale on August 22, 2021. As usual, the chapter will be published on the official Viz Media website and in the rest of the MangaPlus applications. Additionally, chapter drafts and raw scans will arrive two days before the actual release date.