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One Piece Chapter 1019 release date

June 30, 2021

The fight between Who’s Who and Jinbe continues as the two warriors unleash new techniques. The truth behind Who’s Who’s hybrid form and how it was arrested in the past has been revealed in the final chapters of One Piece. The battle between the two is far from over as they are both brutal warriors. Luffy is still out of the game, but he will be back in action soon. With spoilers from the final chapter 1018 of the One Piece manga, let’s take a look at the summary of the battle and recent updates on Onigashima.

Let’s start by looking at some war updates before diving into the main premiere. We saw Tama give orders to the beast from the recent update that he fed Dango, and the beasts decided to ally themselves with the Samurai. Luffy’s rescuers are still unknown and no one knows how he was rescued. The samurai had faith and hope after hearing Luffy’s message that he would return to defeat Kaido. Sanji and Queen are still in action. Queen displayed her hybrid’s powers during the fight with Sanji.

The aftermath of the thunderous ball has been revealed, and it can last for thirty minutes. Finally, the fight between Jinbe and Who’s Who began, with the two exchanging massive blows. The truth about Who’s Who as a former CP9 was also revealed during the fight. Who’s Who also shows the skills you learned from CP9. His Devil Fruit poses a threat to the World Government, which is why he was arrested, but he escaped and disappeared for a long time. The hybrid form of Queen possesses powers that are associated with the World Government.

Highlights of one piece chapters 1017 and 1018

The title of the next chapter is “Jinbe vs. Who is who “. The chapter begins with Kaido’s minions searching for Tama, as she became a problem in the Islands by turning Kaido’s men against her after swallowing the Dango. The Gifters who have consumed the Dango notice that their master is in trouble and decide to protect Tama, led by Shimuchi. The warriors manage to buy time for Tama, who starts running with Nami, and Ussop, who wants to ride on Nami’s back.

Along the way, Nami reveals a shocking truth to Zeus. She says they are allies, which means that Zeus has officially become a member of the Straw Hats. It’s music to Zeus’ ears, and he’s excited to now be on a team that appreciates it. Meanwhile, CP0 has a meeting to discuss the battle and analysis after noticing that the Gifters have taken over the fight and the Gifters have switched sides. They include Who’s Who on the subject and how their Devil Fruit works.

Legendary Warrior: God of the Sun

The fight continues: Who’s who against Jinbe they fight while showing a fierce battle. During the war, Who’s Who cursed Shanks for running away with the Gomu Gomu no Mi. But the plans didn’t work out in Shanks’ favor as Luffy recovered the Devil Fruit before Shanks used it on his own, as you wish. Shanks did not punish Luffy because the boy has been his favorite since they met at Luffy’s age. Who’s Who is furious and also talks about Shanks’s hat and why Shanks gave Luffy the hat.

During the imprisonment of Who’s Who, he heard rumors about the story of the legendary warrior known as the God of the Sun by the guards. The history of the legendary warrior is linked to the slaves. This story moved Who’s Who, who gained the confidence and courage to survive in prison. This story also helped him escape. He loves the guards who told him this story. The guy who told Who’s Who the story is missing. Who’s Who notices him and takes the opportunity to escape from prison.

Back in the fight, the two continue to trade powerful blows in an attempt to knock each other out. Who is who asks Jinbe, former slave and former captain of the Sun Pirates, if he knows the legendary Sun God. The chapter ends with Jinbe unleashing a new attack to crush Who is Who. The battle continues and the truth about the Sun God’s story will soon be revealed. Please note that after the premiere of Chapter 1019, One Piece will be taking a weekly hiatus. Take a look at the details below.

One Piece chapter 1019 release date

The release date of One Piece Chapter 1019 is set for July 18, 2020. Spoilers for the next Chapter 1019 will be available two weeks later, as the one piece manga will take a weekly hiatus.