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One Piece Chapter 1019 – Release Date, Time and Place to Read

July 8, 2021

one piece manga fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the next chapter of the manga. However, the manga is on hiatus again, and this is when Chapter 1019 will be released.

Without a doubt, with over 1000 published chapters, One Piece is one of the longest running Japanese manga of all time. Each character’s journey through the manga is an absolute pleasure to watch. That is why it is not surprising that millions of fans are linked to One Piece through the anime or manga series.

In the previous chapter of the manga, we saw everyone who ate Millet’s dumplings fight over Luffy after Tama’s speech. And now fans want to see how things go in the next chapter of the manga.

Release date

As we mentioned earlier, the One Piece manga is going on hiatus this week. The series will return with Chapter 1019 on Sunday, July 18, 2021.

Of course, it is unfortunate that fans are not entitled to a new One Piece chapter this week. But in the meantime, you can read the previous chapter one more time. Or you can start watching the anime adaptation if you are not a viewer yet.

Departure time

As of this writing, Chapter 1019 is scheduled to release on July 18, 2021 at midnight JST (Japan Standard Time). However, the departure time may vary depending on your location.

Here are the release dates for the English translation of Chapter 1019 in your region:

Pacific Time: 9:00 am
Central time: 11:00 am
Eastern Time: 12:00 pm
UK time: 5:00 pm
European Time: 6:00 PM


Viz Media is definitely one of the best platforms to read One Piece. In addition, Manga Plus also publishes the final chapters of the manga. And thankfully, you can read the first three and the last three chapters for free on both platforms. However, be prepared to take the Shonen Jump subscription if you want to read the rest of the chapters on Viz Media.