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One Piece Chapter 1013 release date, time, where to read, and spoilers

May 12, 2021

The separated pods are marching towards their intended destinations, as almost all the fighting has been established. Luffy fights on the roof with Kaido, but his strength fades when Momo described him. Yamato realizes the situation and heads for the roof. Meanwhile, the trio of Nami, Ulti, and Big Mom remain intact.

Ulti hits Tama, which enrages Big Mom, but it is Nami who hits back. After all, Nami can’t tolerate someone laying their hands on a child. One Piece Chapter 1013 will make matters worse and fans are eagerly awaiting its premiere.

One Piece is a very famous manga series created by Eiichiro Oda. It is the best-selling manga in history with more than 450 volumes in circulation.

In addition, it is also the third best-selling comic in history, only behind Batman and Superman. One Piece is Shonen Jump’s biggest hit and continues to deliver amazing chapters every week. Fans are hoping that the next chapter will continue the trend and provide some amazing moments.

One Piece Chapter 1013 release date

The release date of One Piece Chapter 1013 is set for May 16, 2021. It will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which has serialized it for more than 20 years. You can find out the chapter release schedule for different countries.

Japan – 1:00 am, May 17
India – May 16, 9:30 pm
USA / Canada – May 16, 10:00 am
UK – 4:00 pm, May 16
CES (Europe) – May 16, 5:00 pm

Where to read One Piece chapter 1013?

Shonen Jump’s official app, Viz Media, will provide a digital version of the next chapter. In addition, Mangaplus also ensures the publication of the one piece manga. There are also other unofficial scanners that offer translated versions, but we don’t recommend them.

Manga More
Viz Media

What are the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1013?

Fortunately, spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1013 have been released. Thanks to reddit user u / gyrozepp95, we now know what will happen in the next chapter. Check out the spoilers for the next One Piece chapter below.

– Ulti is recovering from Nami’s attack.

– Nami uses the “Tornado Tempo” against Ulti, who dodges her and prepares to defeat Nami.

– Big Mom uses a combined attack from Napoleon, Prometheus and Hera to attack Ulti, who is knocked out.

– Hera was created at the behest of Prometheus, who asked Big Mom what she wanted a girlfriend (that’s what we see in the picture).

– Zeus sees Hera and breaks her heart.

– Big Mom: “I don’t need you anymore, Zeus. Hera, you can eat it. “

– Zeus is begging for his life, but Big Mom has no mercy on him.

– Big Mom tries to attack Nami and Usopp. Zeus, fleeing from Hera, tries to apologize to Nami.

– Zeus sacrifices himself so that Nami can escape.

– Kid enters the scene using his “Punk Gibson” against Big Mom.

– We move on to Kaidou Vs. Luffy.

– Kaidou: “The result was obvious … I was excited as I had not been in a long time, but I made a mistake … I must have cut my throat and declared my victory … That way, no one would have believed that you could win …”.

– At the end of the chapter, we see Luffy KO fall from Onigashima into the sea …

One Piece Chapter 1012 Quick Summary

The final chapter of One Piece saw the raid take the next step. Most of the fighting has been set up and we can expect a lot of action in the upcoming releases. For now, let’s do a quick recap of One Piece Chapter 1012.

Izo asks Kiku if he will be able to support himself with one arm, to which he replies that it is just an itch. Kiku asks Kinemon to let him finish off Kanjuro. Kinemon walks towards Momonosuke’s location while Kiku flees towards Kanjuro.

Pods in motion

Meanwhile, Scisillian meets Nekomamushi and informs him that Pedro’s killer is still on this island. Back at Momo’s house, Yamato asks about Luffy’s health. Hearing this has turned into a 1v1 fight, he wastes no time heading for the ceiling.

Sanji takes Zoro

While on the run, Sanji falls on Zoro and Law, who both fall on him from the roof. Law tells him about Zoro’s broken bones and asks him to take care of his teammate. Sanji, not knowing how to deal with Zoro’s wound, bandages him all over his body and forms a cross. With Zoro on his back, he approaches the main stage.

On the other hand, Ulti is angry at Big Mom for hitting Page 1. She gets angry and attacks Tama, which enrages Big Mom. But to his surprise, Nami takes a stand and punches Ulti. She says she cannot tolerate someone hitting a child.