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Nomad: Megalo Box 2 Episode 6 Release Date

May 6, 2021

Nomad remembers his past when he was a member of the Nowhere team. His coach and the reporter used to congratulate him and his friend saying they made a perfect duet. Everyone in town was proud of this perfect duo. Children enjoy the daily harvest of crops before the powerful take over the city. The children of the city cherish the days when the Nowhere team was still popular and reigned supreme. That day, the children also take a photo of Joe and the whole team. It’s Gym Nowhere opening day.

At present, Gym Nowhere is destroyed; there is only one section of wall standing. The boss gets up and decides to fight to regain ownership of his city. At the Abuhachi store, Nomad takes stamps from some documents. The guy helping her tells her to stop worrying about what happened now. Nomad asks the man to tell him what happened, and it won’t cause him any problems. The guy reveals that the floods washed away everything. But no one was injured or killed.

Previously on Nomad: Megalo Box 2 Episode 5

Nomad realizes that the owner of the building works with children. It reminds him that he told him that he would not work with children. The owner responds that Nomad abandoned the children in the past. But you have no choice but to welcome them so they can earn a living. Nomad realizes that he has recently returned and that no one has helped or cared for the children. He goes out and talks to Oicho, who was not interested in talking to him.

Oicho believes Nomad is responsible for his condition and for the destruction of Gym Nowhere. Nomad asks Oicho for news of the other children, and Oicho replies that they are fine, but they don’t need his help. Oicho also reveals that Sachio doesn’t want to see Nomad, and that it all ended in the past. The two go their separate ways and Nomad heads to Gym Nowhere. Find that everything has collapsed and retrieve the slate written Nowhere. Nomad regrets leaving the children and everyone in this town.

He wonders how to fix everything and remembers the time his teammate was hospitalized. On that day, the doctor tells you that your partner may have another operation, but the disease has already spread to these lymph nodes. But they doubt they can take it all away. Nomad asks the door to tell him how they can proceed with their treatment. The doctor asks Nomad if his partner has a family, and Nomad replies that they are his family.

He reveals that they have tried everything, but fears that Mr. Nanbu will only have six months to live, after which he will die. But if they perform an expensive operation, Mr. Nanbu will live longer. The Doctor reveals that Nanbu’s wish was to spend the rest of his life in peace with his family. Later, Nomad enters the room where Mr. Nanbu is. The latter reminds Nomad that Yuri’s precious student wanted a match with him and that he forgot his name. Sachio yells that his name is Liu.

This is the moment when Nomad changes its name. Mr. Nanbu calls him Joe and tells him that he received an offer. Joes remains speechless as he thinks about curing Mr. Nanbu. Sachio comments that it is an exhibition match to try to achieve it. Mr. Nanbu looks at Joe and realizes that the doctor has told him the truth. Sachio reveals that Joe will return to the ring after being out for over a year. Mr. Nanbu tries to convince Nomad to accept the match even though it is not official.

He reminds her that children take it seriously. Nanbu also tells him to accept it as a gift for Yuri, who has returned to the world of Megalobox. In the present, Nomad realizes that this was the last time he saw Mr. Nanbu. Sachio visits Nomad and defeats him in a sparring match, and Nomad falls unconscious after taking a heavy blow. Later, Nomad discovers that Sachio has entered underground boxing. Sachio loses his first fight and Nomad decides to help him.

Release date of Megalo-Box Season 2 Episode 6

The last episode 6 of season 2 of Megalo Box premieres on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 11:00 pm JST. You can watch megalo box season 2 online at animelab and Funimation.