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My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 318: Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

November 19, 2021

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 318: Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

My Wife is a Demon Queen – Chapter 318 reveals the truth about the Demon Tribe as royalty continues to have fun in the hot springs. Xiang Ye realizes that Sohpisas has investigated his brother’s problem and believes that Xiang Ye is his long-lost brother. Xiang Ye realizes that he resembles Sophisas’s brother, who escaped from the demon tribe at a young age. Sophisas does not know that her brother is dead and Xiang has been summoned to the body of Sophisas’s brother. In the final chapter of My Wife Is A-Demon-Queen, Xiang Ye is troubled by these thoughts and wonders if he should accept what Sophisas believes.

She knows that it is difficult to reveal what happened in the past because it is as if she is piercing the heart of Sophisas. Xiang Ye realizes that Sophisas is happy and cannot ruin that happiness. Martin also advises her on this, and Xiang Ye realizes that he is the only brother Sophisas misses. He sits alone thinking about it and knows that he is Sophisas’ only hope and that he clings to her. Yi Bei is also thinking about something and thinks that she would have chosen to acknowledge it if she were in his place.

Xiang Ye admits that Yi Bei is right, and that if all of Sophisas’ siblings die, Sophisas will consider him her only surviving brother. He realizes that even if all the brothers come, he will have to accept them as his brothers. Xiang Ye reveals the moment when Sophisas almost sacrificed her life for him as a brother. He knows that one day they will return to the Demon Tribe and asks Yi Bei to help him find Sophie Sack. Sophie Sack is the brother who looks like Xiang Ye.

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Xiang Ye knows that if they find Sophie Sack in the Demon Tribe, he will still be alive and they will be able to clear things up. Yi Bei accepts this, but falls asleep and leaves Xiang Ye wondering alone. Xiang Ye talks about the mass production that he will work on in the morning. He decided to gather an army of forge squads and help Yi Bei regain his throne. Yi Bei wakes up to hear that Xiang Ye is still speaking. In the morning, everyone gets ready and Xiang Ye asks Modo if he doesn’t want to go home with them.

Mode reveals that he will stay with the teacher to learn more about blacksmithing skills. Martin tells Xiang Ye that if the King is angry with him, he may be angry with him. He knows that he will regret letting Xiang Ye become a teacher at a young age; Xiang responds that he cannot allow Marting to impose all the charges on him. The girls add that the shepherd, boxer, chef and magic classes will also take some loads. Sophisas tells Martin not to worry as the King won’t blame him. Sophisas is happy to have the support of both parties.

They speak of the Demon Tribe invasion and that if it succeeds, it will increase the element of instability for the human race. Martin reminds Xiang Ye that he is leaving the blacksmithing class in his hands. Xiang Ye reveals that he has three brothers who will help him complete this task. They both get into the flying spaceship and leave. Somewhere in the desert, a powerful mystery emerges from the sand. The guy pierces his body with his hands like a sword and spills the blood on the ground.

My Wife Is A-Demon-Queen chapter 318 release date.

My Wife Is A Demon-Queen-Chapter 318 will be released on November 21, 2021. This mysterious guy said that the Demon Queen would take his blood and open the door for her people to pass through, and that would help her return to Serve a the Queen. Devil. The mysterious green door appears, and this guy reveals that a demon has answered his call. The door opens and the blood flows like magic, and this guy walks in. Let’s take a look at the official details of My Wife Is A Demon-Queen-Chapter 318.

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You can read My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 318 online on various websites. Please note that My Wife Is A-Demon-Queen publishes two chapters every Sunday, but the schedule could change soon. But the spoilers for My Wife Is a Demon Queen chapter 318 will be released before the final chapter arrives over the weekend. Let’s meet when My Wife is a Demon Queen chapter 318 is released.