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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 115: Number Six vs. Koichi

November 30, 2021

My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 115 reveals the fight between the Crawler and Number 6: Lightning Style after Koichi takes the fight to the neighborhood. Koichi tries to survive all of Number 6’s attacks, but realizes that they are unstoppable. But he decides to keep running. My Hero Academia Vigilantes reveals Number Six’s new form as he battles Koichi The Crawler. In the last chapter of My Hero Academia Vigilantes, Koichi decided to run at full speed and reach a certain distance to attack Number Six. He thought that shooting lightning would have an impact.

Koichi splits mid-flight firing lasers, but he forgot that Number Six is ​​pushing him towards the city. The citizens chasing Miu saw massive lightning bolts and understood that the battle would continue in the city. Miu slowed down after seeing the lightning bolts. Koichi appears in the air and launches his attacks against Number Six, who is at a distance. Midnight and the officers guarding Step Pop at the hospital see those lights and wonder what’s going on. Koga and Knuckleduster realize that Number Six is ​​bringing the fight back to town.

It shocked everyone and caught the attention of journalists. Koga climbs to the roof of the building and Knuckleduster wakes up. The reporter appears with the helicopter and reveals the incidents that occur in Naruhata. They also talk about the power outage and two mysterious guys running full speed over the city. The two mystery men are revealed to be launching massive attacks on each other. The journalists cannot tell who it is because they can only see the lightning bolts and the shadows of the two combatants. The title of the chapter is “Dogfight”.

Previously in My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 114

The journalist also reveals that they witness a dog fight in the air. Koichi and Number Six continue to trade massive blows. Koichi realizes that the reporters have arrived. Think that if the journalist is there, something is happening. Koichi realizes that the news will spread throughout Naruhata and that the heroes will appear. We saw a shadow of Almighty leading the group of heroes, and Koichi thinks this is how the heroes will be displayed. He realizes that he must occupy number six until reinforcements arrive.

A new version of Oclock realizes that this battle has taken it to another level. This version of Oclock is the one that appeared in the last chapter after his mask was broken, but the identity of this guy has yet to be revealed. He believes that Operation Anonymous was a total failure and that the party will end in Naruhata. But this new version looks like the one from All For One. Number Six receives a message suggesting that they can move on to the recovery phase, as it might take some time. But Number Six thinks they don’t need to do this.

Number Six reveals that he wants to kill Koichi by force, because that is what he wants. The guy who looks like All For One tells him to show him what he can do. Number Six manages to bridge the gap between him and Koichi and launches multiple attacks that block Koichi’s path. Koichi realizes that he has nowhere to go and that he must confront Number Six. But something mysterious happens, and Koichi sees a skeleton fall from the sky. He wonders if Number Six is ​​dead. But the evil bombers appear on the ground.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 115 release date

My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 115 will not be released on December 10, 2021. Koichi is floating in the air and wondering when the Bomber Villains will arrive. The Villain Bomber merged with the skeleton falling from the sky. The guy who looks like All For One realizes that’s what Number Six meant when he spoke of using all his strength. After merging, Number Six appears in another form. Let’s take a look at the official details of My Hero Academia-Vigilantes chapter 115.

Read My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 115 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 115 online at VIZ Media’s official website. The latest updates and chapters of the My Hero Academia Vigilantes manga have been published online in Shueisha’s online magazine and in Shonen Jump. But the manga comes out twice a month. Spoilers for My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 115 will arrive two to three days before the manga’s launch. See you at the launch of My Hero Academia-Vigilantes Chapter 115.