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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15 Summary and Preview

July 2, 2021

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15: My Hero Academia Season 5 has finally reached its climax, where Tomura and All For One begin to move. Tomura has already arrived and destroyed the city of Deika. Reporters have shown that the incidents were related to villains versus heroes. Izuku Midoriya sees the news of an incident and knows that he needs to practice and prevent such incidents. The remaining 10 episodes of My Hero Academia Stage 5 will end; check out the next updates. The next episode is delayed.

A few weeks ago, Pro Hero Hawk traveled alone, wondering about the incident the other day. He realizes that he is fighting the Nomu with his first hero Endeavor that day. People watch Hawk fly and cheer. They wonder if Hawk is talking about him on the phone with a girlfriend. He’s doing something secret, says Pro Hero Hawks. He knows that the man speaking to him will never abandon him, as he is an important asset. Pro Hero Hawks decided to keep playing idiots.

The person Hawks is talking to is Dabi, who is willing to use Hawk. Dabi tells Hawks that he has one last chance to prove his loyalty to the League of Villains and the troubles against the system. After the call, Hawks spoke to people higher up, revealing what the villain told him. He was also talking about hero number one. Per Hero Pro Hawks tells them to text him a code and tells them that they will find Nomu’s location soon. Pro Hero’s Best Jeanist is surprised to see hawks in his home.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 14 Recap

“Off to Endeavor’s agency” is the title of the episode. Best Jeanist remembers the day he got injured after the loss of Nomu. Hawks asks him if he’s okay and he answers yes. They both talk to the lady from UA High to help me, but he replies that what was lost cannot be restored. Hawks told him to try, but he replied that people could live without lungs. The two talked about the hero’s work and Best Jeanist replied that he was going to show up soon. Hawks then worries that he will not show up with the boy he planned to meet.

Hawks knows that Hero’s work is not a network and the League Villains have received nothing. Pro Hero Hawks wonders if something is going on because the guy’s behavior is different. The hero uses his Quirk and carries a bag with something. Heroes enjoy New Year’s Eve to this day. Izuku Midoriya believes that after the dorm change it will be difficult to return home, but the Pro Hero escorts allowed the students to leave their homes for a day.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15 release date

The premiere date of Episode 15 of Season 5 of My Hero Academia is set for Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 5:30 pm

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