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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15 release date

June 27, 2021

My Hero Academia season 5 has finally reached its climax, where Tomura and All For One will begin acting. Tomura has already reached the city of Deika and caused havoc. Reporters have revealed that the incidents are related to the villains who are against the Heroes. Izuku Midoriya watches the news about an incident and realizes that he has to train hard and prevent such incidents. My Hero Academia season 5 has ten episodes before it ends. The next episode will be delayed.

A few weeks ago, Pro Hero Hawk was traveling alone, wondering about the incident that happened the other day. He realizes that that day he fought the Nomu alongside the number one hero, Endeavor. Citizens see Hawks and cheer him on as they fly and wonder if Hawk is talking to a girlfriend on the phone. Pro-Hero Hawks comments that he is doing something secret. He realizes that the man speaking to him will never leave him, as he is an important asset. Pro Hero Hawks decides to keep playing idiots.

The guy Hawks is talking to is Dabi, who wants to put Hawk to good use. Dabi told Hawks that he is giving him one last chance to show his allegiance to the League of Villains and the anti-establishment cause. Dani also talked about the number one hero; After the call, Hawks talks to senior officials and reveals what the villain told him. Pro Hero Hawks told them to use a code to send the messages to him and they said they would find the Nomu’s location soon. Pro Hero Best Jeanist is surprised to see Hawks at his house.

Previously on My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 14

The title of the episode is “On the road to the Endeavor agency.” Best Jeanist remembers the day he was injured after defeating the Nomu. Hawks asks him if he’s okay and he answers yes. The two men talk about the UA High lady to help Best Jeanist, but he replies that they can’t restore what was lost. Hawks tells him to try, but he replies that humans can live without lungs. The pair talk about their hero work, and Best Jeanist responds that he intends to show off soon. Hawks then worries that the boy he planned to meet won’t show up.

Hawks realizes that there is no network in the work of heroes and received nothing about the villains of the League. The Pro-Hero Hawks wonders if something is happening as the guy is acting differently from his usual demeanor. The hero flies using his Quirk while carrying a bag containing something. In the present, the Heroes are enjoying New Years Eve. Izuku Midoriya thinks it will be difficult to get home after the dorm system change, but with the Pro Hero escort, the students can go home for a day.

Number two

Izuku Midoriya spent his time with his mother and talked about Ochaco and Shinso, who helped him during sparring fights. Inko Midoriya spits out “moss, moss” and comments that her heart cannot hear her son’s story. Izuku reminds his mother of the daughter, Eri, who he told her about on the phone. Inko responds that he remembers Eri, and Izuku reveals that he wrote her a letter. Eri’s letter shows that she is grateful to Izuku, also known as Mr. Deku, for everything and for the happiness he has brought to her life with other heroes.

Izuku is happy that Eri has expressed her feelings in writing. Inko shed a pool of tears after reading the letter and the message touched her heart. Izuku tells his mother that the Koiko family downstairs would think their roof was leaking. Inko wiped away his tears and said that since Izuku was young he copied All Might, saying that he would save people while hurting himself. The son and the mother had a heart-to-heart conversation, realizing how much they had been through in the past. They both cried and the tears fell through the window.

The new year has started, Izuku returned to UA High and Inko escorted him. Izuku drinks on a bus and comments that he was at the Endeavor agency. Meanwhile, Pro Hero Hawks- Quirk: Fierce Wings lands on the ground, and “Pro Hero Slidin ‘Go” greets him by calling him Number Two. The trio arrive and meet the Pro Hero Endeavor-Quirk: Hellflame. Endeavor tells them to feel free to work for him. Later, Endeavor finds a coded message that reveals that the enemy is the Liberation Army.

My Hero Academia-Season 5 Episode 15 Release Date

The release date for My Hero: Academia season 5 episode 15 is July 10, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. ET. You can watch My hero academia online at animelab, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.