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My Hero Academia Chapter 336: release date, spoilers, and recaps

November 30, 2021

My Hero Academia Chapter 336: release date, spoilers, and recaps

My Hero Academia chapter 336 reveals the aftermath of the number one American hero Star and Stripe and the mystery behind Tomura and All For One’s true form. The world was shocked by this news and All Might also made it known to the students. They found out that Tomura and All For One will take full shape after seven days. It gave them a chance to brace for him and find their weakness. In the final chapter of My Hero Academia, All Might and his team receive the investigation reports. They learn that the New Order has turned into poison in Tomura Sigaraki’s body.

The students have learned this and believe that they have an advantage and that they will have a chance to finish off Tomura. They decide to evacuate the citizens and believe that by going all the way against the enemy, the battle will quickly end. All Might reminds them not to get carried away because no one can predict what All for one might do next. He shows them the list of villains and reveals that the villains outnumber the heroes.

Almighty thinks going head-to-head is not a good strategy and tells students to prepare and improve through practice. Bakugo is furious and thinks they are ready to play since they have been training all this time. All Might doesn’t know that the students are training, as he knows that when he left, Izuku was in the hospital. Izuku asks the others if they will help him remove all of One For All’s abilities. He did not impress Bagukou, and scolded Izuku. Bakugou believes that he can use new techniques.

Previously in My Hero Academia Chapter 335

Bakugo believes that Deku against him will be good combat training before facing Tomura Shigaraki. The other students realize that they have learned something during their training and their techniques and how they will use them are revealed. All the powerful see the students speak and remember the students’ first practice on the first day of the academy. Almighty realizes that “little eggs” have hatched. He is impressed that the students have been through difficult battles and managed to survive, and now they have become birds that will fly through the sky. He thinks Class 1-A is strong, and All-For-One was thinking of Almighty.

Meanwhile, at the base of the villains, Tomura Shigaraki appears screaming in pain. All For One tells Tomura to relax and wait for his body to stabilize. Toga is also next to All For One, and Tomura comments that he despises Star and Stripe and wants to destroy everything. Tomura also reveals that his hatred will never cease as many people will remind him of All For One. All For One feels Tomura Shigaraki’s rage and smiles, patting him on the head.

All For One believes that Tomura did a great job even though he was unable to steal the New Order, allowing them to remove a major obstacle. He decides that they will stay low until they have another stroke, but Toga thinks it will be too late and cannot accept that his father is alive. All For One reminds Toga of the difference between them and that they have to plan everything but achieve the same goal. It reveals that he has many allies, and that will make them victorious. As he continues to speak, Toru Hagakure’s silhouette becomes visible.

My Hero Academia chapter 336 release date

My Hero-Academia Chapter 336 will be released on December 5, 2021. Tomura has a few days left to regenerate and regain his full form. But All For One is patient and realizes that the next fight will be entertaining as Tomura will be filled with rage and hatred. Tomura is eager to recover because he is in deep pain. Let’s see the official details and the next updates for My Hero Academia-Chapter 336.

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read My Hero Academia-Chapter 336 online at VIZ Media’s official website. The latest updates, spoilers and chapters of My Hero Academia will also be published in Shueisha’s online magazine and Shonen Jump. Every Sunday a new chapter of My Hero-Academia is updated. The spoilers for My Hero-Academia Chapter 336 will be released next week. Meet at the exit of My Hero-Academia-Chapter 336.