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My Hero Academia Chapter 322 spoilers, recap, release date and time

July 31, 2021

My Hero Academia Chapter 322

My Hero Academia is a manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It is published in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga series follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya and his quest to become the number one hero.

BNHA takes place in a world where humans possess supernatural abilities called Quirk. As events progress, Deku gains one of the strongest quirks, the OFA, and moves on to fulfill his dreams. Fight strenuous villains and protect civilians. Now let’s talk about the My Hero Academia Chapter 322 spoilers, the release date, and the time.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Summary

In the summary of chapter 321 of My Hero Academia, Kirishima tells Endeavor that they captured Deku using the combo of Bakugo, Todoroki and Yaoyozuro. Endeavor informs them that they must be careful, as the dictator may not be alone. He also wants anti-hero forces to be detected in the area.

In Search of Deku

Kirishima wants to tell Deku a lot, but understands that he has other things to do. Meanwhile, while chasing Midoriya, Todoroki tells him that this could be AFO’s plot. If you can’t find it after a lot of searching, this could be your plan.

Todoroki is firmly determined to bring Deku to the UA and fight alongside her to protect her. However, Deku says this fight is between him and AFO, the others can’t keep up. Asui tries to catch Deku but he escapes. On the other hand, Mineta uses her grape chain to encapsulate Deku.

Class representative

Using Black Whip, Deku gets rid of Mineta’s chains. Uraraka comes from behind and tells him that it won’t be like before. All the students combine their attacks to capture Deku. However, it is still too fast and out of the reach of anyone.

Bakugo throws Ida towards Deku, as he is the only one who can keep up with Deku’s speed. If there is anyone who can compete with the current Deku with the same willpower and speed, it is the people who are ready to run alongside him. Ida finally manages to grab Deku’s hand and it seems like she has agreed to follow her friends.

My Hero Academia Chapter 322 Spoilers

For the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 322, no information is available yet. As usual, you can expect spoilers to arrive 2 days before the official premiere. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the biggest talking points for the next chapter.

Will Deku reconcile with his friends?

Deku’s classmates went out of their way to make sure Deku stayed with him. After a long search and accumulated efforts, Ida managed to join him. But one question remains: Will Deku agree to stay? The current Deku is different from what we have seen in the past and it might surprise us.

Deku is firmer in his decision, so much so that he even asked All Might to leave him behind. However, when all his friends are together, it will be a different story. You just don’t want to drag them into this story. But if they are willing to fight alongside him, he might change his mind.

What is the AFO plot?

As Todoroki mentioned, AFO is up to something else. He hasn’t appeared yet, but he sends out his minions. Deku had no trouble removing them all and it looks like the trend will continue. AFO is unpredictable and could put a fireball in Deku’s path by appearing in the next chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 322 Read online

You can read My Hero Academia chapter 322 online on Viz media and Mangaplus. Make sure you are subscribed to the digital access service.

My Hero Academia Chapter 322 release date and time

Here’s the release date and time for My Hero Academia Chapter 322.

Japan – 01:00 AM, August 9
India – August 8, 9:30 pm
United States / Canada – August 8, 10:00 am
UK – 4:00 pm, August 8
CES (Europe) – August 8, 5:00 pm