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My Hero Academia Chapter 321 spoilers, recap, release date and time

July 17, 2021

My Hero Academia is an internationally acclaimed manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. Currently published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it focuses on Izuku Midoriya. Izuku is a child with no history in the world of heroes and villains and MHA shares how he came to be the number one hero.

Deku always wanted to be a hero like his idol All Might. However, he was born eccentric, which reduced his chances of becoming one. However, his mentor All Might transfers his quirk to Deku and begins his journey to become the greatest hero in the world. Check out the My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Reddit spoilers, release date and time.

My Hero Academia Chapter 320 Summary

In the summary of chapter 320 of My Hero Academia, all the students of class A face Deku. Bakugo tells him that he has learned that he is able to use the quirks of users in grades 4-6. Deku thanks everyone for coming and leaves right away.

In Search of Midoriya

The students make it clear that they are determined to stop Deku. Deku uses a smoke screen to lose sight of them. Using the powers of the sixth users, try to escape from them. However, Bakugo uses Blast Landmine and the view becomes clear with Deku’s position.

Koda enters from behind and tells Deku that the headmaster is ready to greet her again. Aero tries to grab him and reminds him of how it helped him improve his technique. However, even he is unable to capture it. Jiro uses the Heartbeat Wall to stop him, but fails.

Turn back

Ojiro reminds Deku that he got angry during his fight with Shinso. Deku tells him that he can’t go back because it would put everyone in danger. All For One wants to capture him and if they stay with him, they will also become their target.

Tokoyami casts his black shadow to encapsulate Deku. Sato asks him to think about his feelings and those of the students towards him. Momo declares that her mission is to protect him. Combined with Shoji’s attack, Tokoyami catches him, but Deku has his way. Using Heaven Piercing Ice Wall, Todoroki stops Deku while Asui tells him that they won’t leave him alone.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Spoilers

The spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 321 from Reddit have yet to appear on the internet. You should wait for them to be published a few days before the official premiere of the chapter. These are some of the predictions for an upcoming issue of BNHA.

The return of Deku

All the students join forces to bring Deku back. The latter is in trouble and does not want to endanger his friends. It is a very interesting dynamic and your decision will be very important for the future.

Deku is quite strong compared to other students and can compete with AFO at some level. However, the same cannot be said for others. BNHA’s themes have always revolved around friendship, so Deku will most likely follow the advice of his friends.

It will be great for him to have the support of his friends by his side. However, in the fight against AFO, they will face terrible challenges. Hopefully the next chapter tells us more about Deku’s position.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Read online

My Hero Academia chapter 321 to read online in the Viz or Mangaplus media application. You can download the application directly or read the chapter from a web browser. Make sure you have a subscription to these services to access the chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 321 release date and time

Here’s the release date and time for My Hero Academia Chapter 321.

Japan – 01:00 AM, August 2

India – 9:30 pm, August 1

USA / Canada – 10:00 am, August 1

UK – 4:00 pm, August 1

CES (Europe) – August 1, 5:00 pm