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My Hero Academia Chapter 320 release date, spoilers

July 12, 2021

My Hero Academia chapter 320 is out soon and the manga revisited UA before Izuku Midoriya disappeared from the school. Shoto, Fumikage, and Bakugo believe that Deku is with the number one hero, Endeavor. The title of the chapter is “Friend”; the trio is on stage, and Bakugo rips a sheet of paper in front of everyone, and it contains something important. Fumikage notices that his teacher is not answering the phone, referring to Pro Hero Hawks. Bakugo realizes that Jeanist Beast is like Pro Hero Hawk. Shoto realizes that his father, Endeavor, will not answer the call. The students suspect that something is happening as three great professional heroes are nowhere to be found.

Shoto comments that the Pro-Heroes could be hiding something from them. The students realize that they are locked in and that some of them have stayed inside the dormitory. They wonder what happens outside. Bakugo tells the others that Demin Head (Best Jeanist) met Deku and All Might at the hospital, and that they received this letter. Bakugo wonders who came to deliver the letter if Deku is afraid to approach UA High. He thinks that if All Might threw the card, it means the two are in the same boat.

The students think that if Deku is with the adults, they don’t have to worry. But they wonder why their superiors haven’t told them. Bakugo realizes that All Might and Deku are the main cause of this problem, which could be the worst case. Mina wonders who they are going to contact, and Ochaco thinks they can use Endeavor’s alarm to force things. A few days later, Endeavor talks to the director. Students dress up and go somewhere to find out the truth.

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The principal announces the meeting to Endeavor and the students arrive. Shoto asks his father why he always ignored him. Shoto reminds his father that he arrested Dabi, and Endeavor says that Shoto’s will means everything to him and asks why Midoriya is the only one with a pass. Endeavor wonders what to say and realizes that the students are here to find out about Deku. Shoto asks why All Might and Deku can work together. Endeavor responds that it is the right choice.

Bakugo reminds Endeavor that Deku will try to protect everyone on his own, saying that he is fine. All Might has become Deku, who sacrifices his life for everyone, injuring himself only in the process. Bakugo insists that the others join Deku and All Might. Meanwhile, Best Jeanist and Pro Hero Hawks have found out that Deku has cut off his communication with everyone, including All Might. Endeavor wonders if they could have the same speed to side with Deku. One of the students wonders if Endeavor’s cell phone has GPS.

Aspiring to power

Endeavor tells the student that his cell phone does not have a GPS. Mineta and her friends borrowed this cell phone. Endeavor wonders what to do with the students. The students realize that Deku is too reserved. They spent many years together, but Deku never discussed One For All with the other students or his friends. Tenya points out that Deku is his friend no matter what he faces. Class A decided to find Deku and work with him on all of his heroic deeds.

Tenya says that they cannot continue without Deku knowing that he is walking alone on a thorny path. Endeavor responds that it is dangerous outside. The director notices that Todoroki has matured. The director tells the story of a villain and a student who needs protection. Endeavor says the students are under its protection. The director talks about the UA barrier and how it will prove its worth. It reminds students that All Might attended this school and that they can do whatever it takes to bring them back.

Later, the students arrive at Deku’s location, fighting a villain with a Quirk who controls everyone. Deku is shocked at how they found out about his location. The students were led by Bakugo, and Ochaco told Deku that they were worried about him. Deku replies that it’s okay and wonders why all the students are there. Bakugo scolds Deku for trying to act like a solo hero, and Deku tells them that he can handle everything on his own. Bakugo refuses to budge and asks Deku to do his best as he is a contender for the All Might title.

Release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 320

The release date of My Hero: Academia Chapter 320 is July 18, 2021. You can read My Hero Academia for free and official on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.