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Megalo Box Season 3 Release Date

June 28, 2021

Megalo Box ”is a sports television anime developed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous manga series“ Ashita no Joe ”. Megalo Box ”takes place in a futuristic Japan where the economic disparity has become more evident between rich and poor. In this society, one of the best sources of entertainment is megalomaniac boxing, a variation on this ancient sport in which fighters are allowed to use mechanical devices that increase their strength. In the first season, the protagonist, Joe, gains fame fighting without a team and winning the inaugural tournament in Megalonia. The start of the second season sees him traveling across the country, participating in underground fights under the name “Nomad.”

Season 1 aired between April 6, 2018 and June 29, 2018. Season 2 of ‘Megalo Box’ recently ended. If you’re curious if there will be a third season, we’ve got you covered.

Megalo Box season 3 release date

Season 2 of ‘Megalo Box’ (also known as ‘Megalo Box 2: Nomad’ or ‘Nomad: Megalo Box 2’) premiered on April 4, 2021 and featured 13 episodes before its premiere. Ends June 27, 2021. TMS Entertainment developed the anime, with You Moriyama leading the production team and Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima leading the writing team. As for season 3, this is what we know.

No official statement has been issued to confirm or deny the development of a third season. Megalo Box ”tells an original story that only has thematic ties to“ Ashita no Joe ”. “Megalo Box” adapts “Ashita no Joe” s stark depiction of socioeconomic disparities and their effects on young athletes, then adds elements of immigration and science fiction, creating a compelling, unique, and entertaining series. The season two finale is sure to divide audiences, but even the harshest critic of this Joe and Mac fight will likely admit that the anime deserved it. Also, this ending leaves the doors open for a possible third season or even an animated movie.

Ultimately, it will all depend on how many Blu-ray / DVD copies the second season sells. TMS Entertainment is one of the largest animation studios in Japan. Thus, they certainly have the resources and skills to further develop the story of Gearless Joe and his friends. The intervening period between seasons 1 and 2 lasted three years. Therefore, we can assume that “Megalo Box” season 3 could be released in early 2024.

Megalo Box season 3 plot: what is it?

In the season 2 finale, Joe and Mac’s fight ends after Sachio throws in the towel. Subsequently, Mac retired from boxing to be with his family. Liu begins training again. Yukiko goes public with BES technology and resigns as director of the Shirato Group, and begins working with disadvantaged children. Sakuma is arrested for tampering with data. The episode ends when Sachio takes Joe’s motorcycle to go on a trip.

In season 3, a rematch could take place between Joe and a fully recovered Liu. Joe could finish repairing the Gym Nowhere and get it fully operational. In season 2, Mikio and Yukiko finally managed to put their bitter rivalry behind them. Their relationship should improve next season. Sachio could eventually come back and start working out at Gym Nowhere.