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Maken-Ki season 3: will the anime return? All the latest details

April 15, 2021

Otakus around the world have been waiting for the premiere of Maken-Ki season 3 for seven years. Despite high demand for the next episode, officials have not provided fans with any updates. Viewers who love to watch the ecchi harem series have fallen in love with it and are now desperate to see more. So will the manufacturers one day listen to their demands and renew the third season? Read on to find out.

Maken-Ki, also known as Maken Ki Battling Venus, is a Japanese harem-like action anime series. It is from a manga of the same name written by Hiromitsu Takeda. Studio AIC and Xebec joined forces to produce the anime that debuted on October 5, 2011. The first season ran for twelve episodes. The second season aired after a three-year hiatus on January 16, 2014. It only ran for ten episodes and ended on March 20 of the same year.

maken-ki Season 3: Renewal Status

Many viewers thought that this series is also full of guilty pleasures just like other harem anime. However, the first season astonished its fans with its plot. As a result, it received a positive response from viewers and critics. However, the sequel adapted the same old method of presenting unnecessary fan service to woo fans. The plot also lacked depth. It’s no wonder the ratings dropped as fans were expecting so much more. However, despite everything, they still want to see this series because they think it has some potential. But the producers have yet to renew Maken-Ki season 3.

as reported by The Anime Daily. Fortunately, they have not announced the cancellation of the show either. Therefore, his followers still await his return.

Do the directors have enough source material?

Like many other series in the same genre, Maken Ki’s adaptation is also inspired by a manga series. Its serialization began in June 2008 and continued until its completion in March of last year. During its twelve years of existence, the author has published a total of 24 volumes. Studios AIC and Xebec haven’t even adapted a third of the manga’s content. Therefore, they still have a lot of source material to produce Maken-Ki season 3. If the production company wants, they can easily do three more episodes with the remaining books.

Maken-Ki Season 3: will the anime return?

After a brilliant start, the animated series relaxed a bit and lost some of its luster. His viewership rating even dropped to 6.17 on BAD. The reviews and poor critical reception could be the main reason for the delay in the next anime season. Last year the manga series ended, which means that the third season has nothing more to promote. The end of the manga reduced the odds of watching Maken-Ki season 3 to almost zero. However, if renewal ever comes around, we’ll make sure to update this section.