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Let’s make a mug too Episode 5 Release date

April 28, 2021

The girls continue to make cups as a daily routine. Himeno is happy to have completed several pieces. She got carried away and a small incident occurred that surprised everyone. They only heard the sound of something breaking and realized that Himeno did. They both look back and she realizes that he broke it again. Tokishiro falls to his knees and comments on my plate, and Himeno apologizes. But he was worried that he might cut his leg or hurt himself. Himeno realizes that he is not blamed for breaking a bowl.

Tokishiro notices that Himeno has slippery hands and keeps breaking things. He tells her that he will bring a vacuum cleaner so he doesn’t get hurt. The next day, Himeno goes to the pottery club. She tells everyone what happened yesterday. She tells them that she broke a bowl for her father and wants to make a new one for him. Himeno reveals that the bowl was given to him as a birthday present. Toko points out that this is a pottery club and that they are there to help.

Previously on Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 4

Nao seems to be lazy and tells Himeno to buy a new bowl because it will be faster. Himeno points out that it was his father’s favorite bowl. He fantasizes about his father, who uses this bowl every day in the morning. Himeno tells everyone that she needs to buy him a new one and that she is not interested in buying a new bowl. Toko asks what kind of bowl it was and she replies that it is a bowl for Ochazuke. Mika points out that they can examine the broken pieces and make a new one.

Himeno calls home and asks about the broken pieces. Sachie tells Himeno that she threw away the broken parts because they were too dangerous. It also reveals that today was the day to collect pieces of glass and ceramics. After a call, the girls are completely disheartened realizing that they will not have the broken parts. Himeno can’t believe this is happening today. Himeno tries to draw the bowl on the paper, but ends up drawing a plate.

He notices that the bowl does not look like iron. He realizes that he should have looked at him every day so as not to forget his appearance. Toko asks if he wants to find a similar one, and Himeno agrees. They are both looking for a bowl that looks exactly like the one she broke last night. After a long search, Himeno manages to find another one, but only the color is the same.

Find another and say the shape looks like this. Toko realizes that they have to make a new bowl out of two bowls. He realizes that Himeno’s father prefers a more sober design. The girls started making a new bowl for Himeno’s father’s birthday. She decided to surprise him and give him a gift without knowing it. Later, Himeno returns home and investigates his father to find out why he likes this bowl. In the morning, he came home and told the others about the results of his investigation.

He showed them the size of the bowl and how his father held it. Toko realizes that the bowl he shows them is too heavy and too big. She tells it to Himeno, who thinks she was wrong. Mika points out that if the bowl is heavy, they can add a handle. Himeno realizes that his father will realize that it is not the same bowl.

Toko comments that this means that the bowl is different from all the others. She thinks this is an old bowl model and that they are hard to make and find. Toko decides that they must work together and make a perfect bowl for Himeno’s father. Later, Himeno comes home with a bowl and tests his father to see if he loves. His father realizes that this bowl is the same one he used. When she is not there, her father compliments this bowl and she returns and hears it all.

Let’s make a cup too Episode 5 release date

Let’s Make a Mug Too Episode 5 premieres on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. JST. You can watch Let’s Make a Mug Too online on Crunchyroll.