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Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu Chapter 316 Spoilers and Release Date

August 6, 2021

Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu Chapter 316 Spoilers and Release Date

Komi-san is a very beautiful and admirable girl who all eyes are always on. The entire school recognizes Komi-san as the cold beauty beyond their grasp. But Tadano Shigeo knows the secret of Komi-san’s communication. Komi-san is bad at communicating with others. The two have become friends and Komi-san decides to change her bad habit with the help of Tadano-kun. Discover the story of a beauty who cannot communicate. Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu is also known as “Miss Komi is bad at communication.” The title of the chapter is “Congratulations on Graduation.”

The 22nd graduation ceremony has begun and the students are preparing to deliver the speech to receive their award. Sotsugou Shiki tries to impress herself by receiving awards. He realizes that he cried in the past when his friends graduated from college. Three years have passed since then, and now is a highly anticipated graduation day for Shiki, as she was the main role of this graduation. Shiki realizes that she has spent three years avoiding anything that might scare her off with graduation. He realizes that he attended the freshman and sophomore graduation ceremony.

Shiki walks past the cherry tree every day and starts counting prime numbers, and the other students think she is crazy. During her rehearsal, her friends ask her what is going on because they see her constantly murmur, but she memorizes what she has learned. Students receive the message to enter the classroom because the graduation ceremony has begun. They enter the room to receive applause and standing ovations. Shiki realizes that at ten in the morning they have to give an introductory speech. The graduation ceremony of the 22nd Itan Private School has already started.

Highlights of komi-san wa komyushou desu Chapter 315

Shiki tries to hold back when she is about to cry and realizes that there will be a ten to five ticket distribution. Shiki manages to reunite and walks to the podium to receive his diploma. She ends up crying after seeing her accomplishments and realizing that she has worked hard. The principal gives a speech and Shiki realizes that graduation is fantastic. After the lesson, the students are entertained by dancers.

Shiki hears a boy next to her comment that they dance this year, but did a comedy duet last year. She is impressed that there was something like this last year, and the director gets carried away and delivers another speech while singing a rap song. Andou takes the stage performing Hell Robot Dance, and some students point out that Andou is horrible in Hell Robot Dance. The director said it was the third year graduation and it was time to create a new generation.

Farewell speech

Shiki wonders who came up with the idea of ​​rapping with all the entertainment they get. The girl next to her comments that it is her. Later, the farewell speech begins and Shiki thinks that graduation is finally over. The girls took the stage and made their speech, leaving Shiki freaking out and giving his farewell speech. Shiki thinks of an appropriate speech that he can try to give that will surprise everyone. She wonders if the students close to her are okay, as they complain about the second farewell speech.

At 11:00 am, the graduates speech begins, and graduate Netsuno Chika walks over and Ichou follows her. Ichou believes that the final third-year lesson should be presented by the third-year representative who was the student council president for two years, Ichou Setoka-chan. The students yell at Ichou, telling him to come back as they have decided that Netsuno will make the speech. They tell Ichou to go home because he will end up breaking things. Ichou told the students to yell louder because he didn’t want to throw.

Netsuno challenged Ichou to a showdown over who will give the speech. The teachers withdrew the speech, but Ichou wanted to stand up, and the graduation ceremony of the 22nd Itan Private High School ends after the closing speech. Shiki sheds tears of joy when she says she had a wonderful day. After graduation, some students laugh at the ceremony, others think it was a good day. The students congratulate Shiki and throw her in the air, then hug her.

Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu Chapter 316 Release Date

The release date of Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu Chapter 316 is August 12, 2021. This manga releases a new chapter every Thursday. We will keep updating new chapters and news about Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu. We do not have access to the place where we can read the new chapters of Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu.