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July 22, 2021

Kochoki Wakaki Nobunaga Season 2 is one of the most anticipated sequels to a historical animated series. She takes viewers through the Sengoku era and brings Nobunaga’s famous tale to life. There are several different versions of this tale, but this one is pretty good. It is a well written story with strong characters. In the end, this series turned out to be a hidden gem. So when will fans get to see its sequel? Read on to find out.

Kochoki Wakaki Nobunaga is a Japanese anime action-story series. She tells the story of Nobunaga from his teens to his time as the warlord against Nobuyuki. Studio Deen hosted the first season of this series. The anime debuted on July 8, 2019. However, the series ran for a total of twelve episodes before concluding on September 23, 2019.

Kochoki anime review

We cannot say why the series has average ratings on almost all platforms, although it is quite good. The best thing about this series was the historical precision of its characters. The first episode of this anime is enough to show how good it is going to be. It presents the Nobunaga timeline in a refreshing way. Kochoki Wakaki Nobunaga’s art and animation are also very good.

The plot is intriguing and the characters are well written. The series stayed true to historical events until the end. Plus, it perfectly presents the main details of Nobunaga, and viewers loved it. However, the series has some shortcomings and some of its elements have surprised many viewers. Other than that, it is certainly a historical gem that should be recognized globally.

Kochoki Wakaki Nobunaga Season 2: Renewal!

Although quite good, the first season of the anime received a mixed reception from the public. Critics also received it in the same way. As of this writing, this historical anime has a score of 6.51 on MyAnimeList. The reason we said it needs more recognition is that it is not very popular. He only has 23,000 members in his group MAL. These figures are quite low compared to other series.

But some people already know that the content on this show is better than its audience. Therefore, they always hope to see more. Since this is an original anime project, the production company does not have to worry about the original material. So if the series has more and more fans and the demand to see its sequel grows, the creators are likely to renew Kochoki Wakaki Nobunaga season 2. But currently, the odds of the series getting the green flag aren’t that high.

Kochoki Wakaki Nobunaga Season 2: Release Date

It is difficult to predict when the sequel will be released, as it is not known when it will be renewed. If the green signal is given later this year or early next, Kochoki Wakaki Nobunaga Season 2 could air in 2023. For now, we have to wait and see what happens.