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Kingdom Chapter 689 spoilers, recap, and release date

August 11, 2021

Kingdom Chapter 689 spoilers, recap, and release date

The Kingdom manga fight continues with a young man named Shin who wants to protect his people. The boy has faced many warriors who fall backwards in front of him. This manga launches a new chapter every seven days a week and continues with its weekly programming. Let’s find out more about the Battle of Shin in the final chapter of Kingdom. Shin talks to Bihei, who asks him why Shin is calling him, and Shin tells him to hurry up. The other HSU warriors tell Bihei to hurry up and clear his way.

Shin fights against the HSU soldiers while wondering why the enemies move like him. Shin tries to hit the enemy, but his blows miss and he is thrown into the air. Fortunately, Bihei caught Shin who was flying away. One of Zhao’s soldiers comments that Shin narrowly missed the GHK, but did not receive a clean hit. Shin reveals that his eyes follow him, but that he cannot hit him with his sword.

Bihei replies that Sin has to summon him for nothing. But Shin comments that it is essential to take down the enemy and tells Bihei to hold up his sword. Bihei is furious because he received the sword from General Ouki and asks if he had a head wound. Shin replies that the sword is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean anything, he can’t use it during battle. The sword is too heavy and cannot keep up with the enemy’s technique and decided to leave it to Bihei. Bihei has a hard time shaking it, and Shin says we have to go.

Previously in kingdom chapter 688

Shin tells Bihei not to lose the sword, as it is an essential item. Bihei replies that she will protect him with her life and asks Shin to fight with his bare hands. Shin realizes that he has the sword he received from Hyou. GHK thinks it’s interesting. Meanwhile, in Akakin’s unit: Akakin’s unit advances while fighting the Zhao who are pursuing them. Akakin’s men comment that they must keep moving forward while they discover the state of the HSU.

Akakin sees something and decides to go see. When he arrives, he sees the enemy’s rear army and realizes that the HSUs on the cliff are going to collapse with such numbers. He orders his soldiers to rally their unit in his direction to attack the enemy and buy time for the HSU. However, Akakin realizes that it won’t take long, but hopes that Shin can recover from their fight while his men are busy.

Shin’s soldiers are shocked to witness fierce battle and new techniques. GHK orders his men to bring him his weapon and tells Shin that he made the right decision by changing his sword. He reveals that he wields a sword which is an ideal weapon that brings out the full potential of his technique and asks Shin if he can level up with it. Kanto felt a bad vibration from GHK’s sword when one of the “Pig Brothers” asks if Shin can wield a sword.

Suugen tells the “Pig Brothers” that Shin uses a sword to fight another battle before using the sword. Bihei comments that Shin stopped using a sword after a long time. Denei thinks that Shin using a sword in this fight will be a good advantage for an opponent like this guy. Shin realizes that it has been a long time without using a sword in war and tries to think about how he fights using it. While thinking, Shin simultaneously receives a massive blow and realizes that he is not moving properly.

Shin realizes that he needs to get more used to his body without relying solely on the sword. But he uses his body to strengthen his weapon while moving freely. Shin manages to get some beats and starts firing decent GHK shots. His men are stunned and notice that Shin improves over the course of the fight. Suugen comments that it is an ideal move, better than he used to fight. Shin gained strength to wield General Ouki’s sword.

Suugen believes that Shin learned a new and unique sword technique on his own, and the enemy will have a hard time following Shin. The soldiers on the enemy side wonder if Shin can stay busy like this for long, and Bihei comments that Shin can overcome that since he and Hyou have fought endless battles. Bihei says that his Shin is at the general level only because of his mastery of the sword; Kou says it’s not like that when Shin hits GHK with another hit, and GHK does this “hoh”.

Kingdom Chapter 689 Release Date

The release date for Kingdom Chapter 689 is August 14, 2021. The manga continues, which means that it will be released weekly with recent battle updates. We couldn’t find any official platform to read the new Kingdom chapters. But the chapters will be available every Saturday, unless they are delayed.