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Kingdom Chapter 688 Release date, Spoilers, Read manga online

August 3, 2021

Fans of Kingdom Chapter 688 are eager to see how Shin deals with his new enemy. Know that you must complete your task before reinforcements arrive.

Are there any enemies that Shin has no trouble facing? General Shin too! It is impossible. After years of tireless fighting, our protagonist is incredibly strong in combat. And now he’s being chased by a strange man.

It is going to be a long battle. It’s been a long time since Qin made a breakthrough. Things are moving slowly for Hara sensei, who takes all her time. There has been some progress, although it is slow.

Currently, General Kan Ki is the most worrying topic. Every reader is concerned about his whereabouts. What are you going to do? Kan Ki’s plan impresses Raido, so we’re even more excited. It must be something very important and of great importance.

The second generation of the Six Great Generals has just been announced. Kan Ki was appointed to be one and immediately after this heavenly promotion he joined this battle. Losing this battle would be a great embarrassment to him and Qin. This will tarnish the name of Qin and his generals.

We believe Kingdom chapter 688 will devote a significant portion of its time to Shin versus Gaku Haku. This arch still has a long way to go.

We believe that the battle still has a lot to offer as we support Qin and his invasion. If Qin lost this battle, the dream of taking over China would be delayed for many years!

Kingdom Chapter 687 Summary

One of the generals wonders if Eikyu will fall, and Kouchou denies it. They wonder if Raido has revealed anything, and Kouchou replies that he hasn’t said a word. They realize that there is something hidden behind Raido’s silence and they realize that there might be some danger besides Eikyuu.

Kochou replies that Ousen worries him. The generals acknowledge that the situation will get worse if Ousen does not arrive, but they will come. Kochou replies that Osen will not appear as he is targeting Bujou and Heiyou’s castle.

If Ousen appears, they will not advance further in their strategy. The general comments that they will continue to be concerned as Kanki does the impossible and increases the number of warriors guarding Ousen’s army. Kouchou replies that Kanki has already been through that, and that they won’t panic if Ousen’s army ambushes them.

The general praises Kouchou while saying that Kanki will be heading before the arrival of Ousen’s army. They think the right wing is something they should aim for.

It has been revealed that Kohaku Kou leaves 5,000 men in the center and for the left wing. Ryuu-Haku slowly walks towards the center, making sure that Kanki doesn’t run away. One of the generals comments that Kanki has been very lucky to face them as an opponent since he became one of the 6 GG.

kingdom manga 688 Spoilers and Discussion

Kyou Rei is one of the most talented warriors in the Hi Shin unit. And even she was surprised by Gaku Haku’s strange technique. We believe that Kyou Kai and Kyou Rei have important roles in this arc and the 688 Kingdom spoilers could show Kyou Rei returning to the top of the mountain to help his General.

Where is General Kan Ki?

As Ryuu Fu’s forces slaughter Raido’s troops, Ma Ron’s and Koku Ou’s forces face immense danger from the enemy general Kou. They both decide to withdraw and regroup.

Also, Koku Ou finds out that General Kan Ki has already been gone for a while.

That’s all we know. Kan Ki has some kind of plan and he left the area with his camp. Their orders are unknown. Its location is unknown. We do not know if he defected or not, although it is less likely since he is now a Grand General.

All we know is that General Kan Ki is an absolute genius and what he is doing must already be in action. Kingdom Chapter 688 might reveal what he’s up to, but from Hara sensei’s mood, it seems like he wants to take it easy and have a big surprise for us.

Kingdom chapter 688 release date

The release date of Kingdom Chapter 688 will be August 7, 2021. The raw scans of Kingdom Chapter 688 have yet to be released. These scans usually appear on the Internet 4 to 3 days before the weekly premiere.

kingdom chapter 688 Manga Read online

The English translation of the Japanese manga Kingdom 688 can be found on the To Love-Ru manga site and it will be better to wait for the official premiere to help the authors.