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Kingdom Chapter 676 spoilers and release date

April 16, 2021

The spoilers, leaks, and full story synopsis for kingdom chapter 676 are finally known with Korean scans hitting the internet. However, we recommend that our fans wait for the manga’s official premiere and avoid spoilers if possible. For those of you reading this, this post contains spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 676, as well as a full story summary, so proceed at your own risk.

Kingdom Chapter 676 spoilers, leaks, and full recap

The chapter begins with the citizens of the Zhao lands leaving their homes because they were driven out by the battle with Qin. They heard the news of Kanki’s actions and how Kochou, Zhao’s strongest Grand General, is fighting to protect them. But since he’s always been in Kantan, they don’t really know how strong he is.

Once they receive the news that Kochou has gone to Kanki’s army, Sou’ou says that things seem easier for them. Akou says that he can advance an army towards Heiyou Castle and capture it. Denrimi says it’s not that simple. Even if Kochou leaves the castle, the current Zhao forces facing them will not be easy to pierce.

But the most worrying thing is Kochou as he could turn around and attack them from behind if they push instead of attacking the Kanki army. Sou’ou asks if he thinks that was Kochou’s plan from the beginning. Denrimi replies that he doesn’t know how to fight since he has been in Kantan all this time. Akou asks how Kanki’s army is doing and Denrimi thinks they will retreat once Kochou’s army is close enough.

If Kochou is aware of the advance of Ousen’s army, he will not pursue too much and will return immediately. Sou’ou knows that if Kanki’s army were to fight Kochou, it would greatly decrease the chances of returning to Heiyou, but Denrimi doesn’t think it will. Instead, he says that Kanki will likely wait for Kochou to return, weaken in battle with Ousen’s army, and then return in a better position to take glory.

Sou’ou asks what the Ousen want to do and he replies that they will wait and watch Kanki’s movements. When asked if it is because he thinks Denrimi’s prediction is correct, he says he doesn’t know because Kanki is the only man whose mind he will never be able to fully understand.

Rihaku and Kousonryu meet for the first time in a long time. Rihaku is sent to the front of Heiyou. They heard that Kochou addressed Kanki’s army because he had gone too far. Rihaku believes that Kanki would run away, but if they happened to have to fight, Kanki would die on the spot.

Kousonryu says don’t underestimate Kanki, while Rihaku says it’s the Qins who underestimate Kochou. Before being the guardian deity of Kantan, he was at the forefront. Rihaku has even seen it in action before. Kanki may be feared on the battlefield due to his actions, but the one to be feared the most is Kochou.

Kanki’s headquarters receives word that Kochou’s army is within noon of them. Marron says that if they have to retreat, this is the only chance they have left and even if they don’t, he has no plans to fight Kochou’s 150,000-strong army. Kokuou asks if they have received any orders and Marron replies that Kanki has given him a choice and that they are all going to die. Ringyoku asks why they can’t retreat and he replies that it’s the one thing he wouldn’t forgive her.

Marron thinks that there is no good reason for them to fight and that they are really going to die like idiots. Raido says that if this is the order they received, they should focus and come up with a plan. They have won battles like this many times before. Marron says it’s because the scale of the battle was so different. Right now, the scale of their battle is greater than anything they have faced before. Raido says to shut up and asks if they really are Kanki’s team.

He says he’s surprised by the boss. Although you don’t really know what it means to be a 6GG, your boss hasn’t changed. This alcohol that was stolen from the Zhao is really good. However, after he and the others joined Kanki’s team, the alcohol they had at that time was much better.

Marron says his tongue is stupid. Raido says it’s better because they, who had nothing, now have something worth keeping. That is why he thinks Marron is panicking, but Marron says that is not the reason. Ringyoku asks if it’s because they feel like they’ve been able to quench their thirst for something. Raido answers yes.

However, the leader has not changed and is fighting like a madman more than ever. This man who said “let’s fight the guys” who can’t be understood is followed by them because they really want to see what’s going to happen. Raido says that he is going to return to the right wing and once this war is over, together they can ask the boss why he always seems to be thirsty for something as everyone has been wondering. What exactly is Kanki fighting for?

The battle begins between the 80,000 soldiers of Kanki and the 240,000 soldiers of Kochou.

Kingdom Chapter 676 Official Release Date and Online Reading

The official English version of Chapter 676 of the Kingdom manga’s release date is set for Sunday, April 18, according to reports. Korean scans and manga spoilers have already been released, but it would be better to wait for the official premiere.

Kingdom Chapter 676 can be read online through Weekly Young Magazine as there is no specific app or website that publishes the manga for international audiences.