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Kengan Omega Chapter 116 release date and spoilers

July 6, 2021

Kengan Omega Chapter 116 is coming soon, as the manga returned from its hiatus after the Chapter 115 delay. In the last battle, Toku suffered a great loss, but Liu showed great sportsmanship and helped Toku since he got injured. The two have become good friends despite Kengan and Purgatory being enemies. Okubo comments that Toku was good even though he lost. Liu helped Toku join Kengan’s team. The fans witnessed a beautiful fight scene. Liu handed Toku over and told Okubo to take care of Mr. Poet. Okubo realizes that Liu called him wrong and yells at him that he is not bald.

Toku falls on Okubo’s arm and apologizes for not being strong enough to achieve victory. Okubo tells Toku to relax and rest. Takeshi is happy that the match ended well, although Kengan still needs a win to level up with Purgatory. Liu realizes that it is a waste for Toku to remain a poet. Says Toku is welcome in Purgatory. Gaolang Wongsawat tells Liu that he realizes that Naidan’s death was something during the match, but it was bad luck.

Liu replies that he knew everything from the beginning and that he feels that Gaolang is making fun of him. Liu also said that he would not kill anyone, and Tokita Ohma heard this while close to Gaolang. Gaolang wonders what the worm is up to and why it reveals its involvement. Ohma comments that he too is confused. They both wonder why Naidan and Lu have to prove they are part of the worm. No one has heard of Lu Tian and Naidan’s actions since they went underground. Kazuo realizes that if Kengan wins, Purgatory will infiltrate the Kengan Association as a fighter.

Highlights of Kengan Omega Chapter 115

Kazuo wonders what Purgatory is up to and Rihito wonders what a worm is. Koga responds that he wants to know the same. Imai Cosmo realizes that there are only three games left to decide the vectors between the Kengan Association and Purgatory. Utsubuki Kokuro and Mokichi Robinson have fun watching the scene. Adam Duddley thinks they are taking a long time to complete the last few games. In the crowd, the fighters greet each other and salute their masters. Kureshi and Joji decide to go out and buy some snacks before the next war starts. Joji said he’d have a beer.

Akiyama Kaeda has told the boys not to drink too much and realizes that there is a lot to do. Kureshi tells Joji that they can say hello to the worm that took over from Koga. Joji adds that greetings are essential and that he is well known for welcoming. Meanwhile, Muteba Gizenga thinks he has had a good vacation and is going to make a lot of money, but worries that he will not see “His” game. Fighting King Okubo Naoya introduces himself, representing Kengan, and is full of energy. Okubo’s entrance is great, he enters the ring in style. It’s Terashi from Purgatory entering the ring as a silent ghost.

The King of Combat will face The Silent Nightmare. It’s Okubo vs Terashi, and there are two games left to decide the winner. Referee Shin Alisa tells Terashi and Okubo to get ready. Terashi says it would be entertaining and Okubo agrees. Kazuo reminds Okubo that they have to win three times in a row. Okubo wonders why Terashi is wearing a mask and that they are not here to play.

Terashi laughs and Okubo thinks this guy takes it for granted. Terashi replies that when she breathes, it seems like she is laughing. Commenters believe that Terashi and Okubo are the fights fans want to see. Terashi says that she loves comedy and that she doesn’t like to miss Shinkigeki on TV. Okubo teases Terashi because she enjoys comedy. Okubo believes that Terashi is like him and that they were born underground. Fei realizes that Medel is back and says that singles felt lonely without Medel. Carlos Medel asks if Fei thinks he knows anything about wrestlers.

Lolong relaxes, analyzes the battle, and the two continue talking. Terashi hasn’t been a popular fighter since transferring from Bishamon, but he didn’t have much to show for as he only had one fight in Purgatory B-class. Mr. Idematsu chose Terashi to fight for them. Medel talked about something intriguing about Terashi. Lolong realizes that the name “Terashi” belongs to an infamous hitman based in China. The match is about to begin. Terashi weighs 97 kg and is 204 cm tall, while Okubo is 195 cm and 116 kg. Okubo throws a massive punch with his fist and smashes Terashi’s face.

Kengan Omega Chapter 116 Release Date

The release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 116 is July 9, 2021.