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Kengan Omega Chapter 115 Delayed

June 30, 2021

Kengan Omega delayed Chapter 1115, but the second version of Chapter 114.2 was released. Let’s take a look at the updates on the fight between Liu and Toku. Liu punished Toku and Tokito Ohma, and Koga wonders if Liu will survive the blow. Toku was knocked out after Liu survived a clutch that broke his arm and knocked out Toku. The technique called Fa Jin nails Toku to the ground and the sand is stunned. Let’s see who wins the fight next.

Commenters wonder if Toku will recover and cannot confirm his condition. Liu believes that he has exceeded his limit, but Toku recovers and the fighters wonder how Toku survived. Toku thanks Liu for waking him up and says that they can continue the fight. Remember the days when you couldn’t write and couldn’t do anything with pencil and paper. Since he was a child, Toku tried to read, but could not write. He learned Japanese literature, foreign literature, and the tabloid press. Toku wonders what he misses and what is missing from his life.

Author Teramoto Shunrok told Toku to stop writing because it’s not his thing. Toku asks his teacher if he doesn’t have the talent to write. Teramoto responds that talent is a lie carried by lazy people. Teramoto advises Toku to have a goal in learning to pass the time, and becoming a good writer is the beginning of a line. Toku reveals that he wants to earn a living writing and become a free Toku. Teramoto replies that to be free you have to get away from something. The two men talk about Atami’s excellent hostel.

Kengan Omega Highlights Chapter 114

Toku looks up and yells that he can write even though it took him years. The fight continues while both fighters are in position. Toku said that he would get rid of the literature, and Liu rushes to finish off Toku. Liu unleashes a high kick to the left that sways and misses the target. After dodging the strong left kick, Toku lands a Russian hook that shatters Liu’s face. Toku realizes that Liu took this blow on purpose to catch him and wonders if Liu will counterattack with Hua Jin to knock him out.

Liu surprises Toku by giving him a blow that he does not realize and sends him flying at full speed. Everyone in the arena is shocked to see Toku fly out of the ring. They wonder if the fight is over since Toku can’t stay still. The commentator wonders which kick from Liu is powerful enough to send Toku flying. Shin Alisa is surprised to see Toku outside the ring and raises her hand, revealing that it is a ring outside; Toku is out of the ring. Liu Dong Cheng won this fierce fight.

Sent from Heaven: Sons of Sambo

The kick is known as the Graceful Kick and it became the largest weapon to hit Tokuno’o Tokumichi. The Sent from Heaven, Son of Sambo, is defeated, and no one believed that the Serpent would come out with a narrow victory. Liu exits the ring and confronts Toku. The fighters wonder if Liu wants to do something; Koga asks if Liu wants to avenge Naidan. But Liu tells Toku that he is taking the time to prepare for the upcoming fights since he broke his arm. Toku replies that he thought Liu would use Fa Jin to knock him out.

Toku is happy that Liu doesn’t intend to give up, and both men show great sportsmanship. He asks Liu if he will accept a rematch when his injuries heal, and Liu smiles and tells him that he will never fight Toku again. Liu reminds Toku of what he said to him during their fight. The two of them hold hands and help each other get treatment. For the first time, Purgatory and Kengan accomplished a feat by helping each other, even though they destroyed each other.

The next fight will be announced soon as the Kengan Association tournament continues. Kengan’s team only has one game left. Toku was Kengan’s hope for a comeback, but he missed and was hit after falling out of the ring. Kazuo thought that Toku would get an easy victory over Liu. But Kung Fu has defeated Sambo. Only a few games remain to decide which team won the ending of the match between Kengan and Purgatory. Ohma seems ready to step in since he realized that Kengan is in trouble.

Release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 115

The release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 115 is July 4, 2021.