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Kengan Omega Chapter 114 Release Date

June 12, 2021

The battle to determine which group is the best between the Kengan Association and Purgatory continues. Earlier, before Toku knocked out Liu, Liu ran into Naidan Monkhbat. Naidan asks Liu about his father’s funeral, and Liu replies that it is not his father, but his grandfather’s funeral. The title of the Kengan Omega Manga chapter is “It’s Not About Logic”. Liu tells Naidan not to think about killing his father. Naidan is surprised that Liu’s father is still alive and wonders why Liu mentioned his father’s will.

Liu responds that that is not what he meant, that his father is dead and that he does not want to see his father again. However, the two men become good friends and talk about Liu’s father. He comments that he has more talent for martial arts than his father. Liu reveals that his father is one of the “big shots” in the Taiwanese martial arts world. His father trained in eight different martial arts at the same time. Liu wonders if there are eight days in a week, but in the eight techniques he has mastered five styles.

Liu talks about his mother and says that she comes from a family of “big shots” in the world of Chinese martial arts. Naidan asks Liu if he can access the realms of Chinese and Taiwanese martial arts. Liu responds that he finds it difficult to choose between his mother’s side and his father’s side. Naidan realizes that Liu wants to mark his name in the history book. Liu says that he will not let himself be used and that there is nothing good in choosing sides. Naidan discovers why Liu joined the martial arts underworld. Liu comments that this is the best option for him to find his way.

Release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 114

The release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 114 is June 17, 2021.

Chapter 113: Kengan Omega 113

Naidan tells him that he is not accessible after everything that has happened in his life. In the present tense, Lui heard referee Shin Alisa count to seven and the count of eight Lui comments that Toku never visited Taiwan. Toku is surprised when Liu counts to eight. Toku realizes that Lui dodged his blow and that is why Liu is back on his leg. He tells her that he cannot lose now since he has known Naidan for a year. She realizes that the 365 days she spent with Naidan changed her life.

Liu talks about his friendship with Naidan and how poorly he speaks Japanese. Liu comments that “friendship” is not a matter of logic. The commentator and the team wonder if there is anything Liu can do to shake up the fight. Some fans wonder if Toku will take advantage and take down Liu once and for all. The fighters on the platform realize that this fight has entered its final phase.

Who, between Liu and Toko, has struck a clean blow, will come out with the victory. Unfortunately, Liu decided to fight back with a devastating blow that nearly caught Toku off guard. Toku returns with the right hook, but Liu showered Toku with his prey. Both fighters take the fight in the middle of the ring, thus becoming a permanent fight. So, Liu makes a great move that no one has seen in Japan. The crowd wonders what kind of fighting style Liu uses. Commentators believe Liu uses Chinese martial arts.

Liu continues with the punches and Toku tries to pop the punches, but they break his defense. Finally, Toku managed to warn himself and noticed that he had to land something before He took over. Thus, Toku activates a Russian hook that bends at the same time as Liu after landing. The Russian hook sent Liu back, but he managed to hold his ground. Toku wonders what kind of trick Lui did to survive Russian Hook.

Toku rushes in and attacks Liu, who uses elbow attacks. Kazu is concerned that Toku is losing his balance, and Agito wonders if Toki will return after these elbow attacks. Liu lands a flying kick. Tokita Ohma realizes that Toku has entered his top ger without seeing. Toku turns out to be strong and survived all of Liu’s fatal blows. Liu’s attack strength increased after being knocked down three times. Toku realizes that Liu’s blows will annoy him if they keep falling.

But Toku decides to take a few hits to knock Liu down. Liu hits Toku with the Shan Kao, and the chapter ends with Toku falling to the ground. Fans and executives wonder when the fight between the two will end. They feel that the fight between Toku and Liu feels like a fight to the death. We will see what Toku does after receiving this powerful super combo in the next chapter. Take a look at the timeline below so you don’t miss the next chapter.