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Kengan Omega Chapter 111 Release date and time, spoilers and recap

May 26, 2021

Kengan Omega Chapter 111 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, and Recap

Kengan Omega, the action-packed manga series written by Sandrovich Yabago and illustrated by Daromeon, returns with a new chapter this week, and will feature the fight between the Seperpant Liu Dongcheng and Tokuno’o Tokumichi (aka Nitoku).

There are only four games left in the battle between the Kengan Association and Purgatory, and it looks like the fight between Liu and Nitoku will be intense! Here’s everything you need to know about Kengan Omega Chapter 111.

Kengan Omega Chapter 111 Release Date: When will the last chapter be released?

Kengan Omega is a weekly manga premiere, so the English version of Chapter 111 is scheduled for Thursday, May 27, 2021. The raw scans for the final chapter were released a day earlier, on May 26. However, fans will have to wait a bit longer to read the manga’s English translation. Kengan Omega Chapter 110 was released last week at the same time, so expect Chapter 111 to be released around the same time.

Usually the raw scans of the final chapter of Kengan Omega are released around 10:30 am EST, with the English version being released within 24 hours.

Spoilers for Kengan Omega Chapter 111: Nitoku and Liu Fight Begins!

Warning: spoilers for Kengan Omega chapters 110 and 111

The fight between the Three Demonic Fists: Seperpant Liu Dongcheng and Tokuno’o Tokumichi (aka Nitoku) already started in Chapter 110, and Tokito Ohma has stated that Liu would have been an easy victory had he not improved. Kazuo realized that the Kengan Association needs this victory no matter what, so Toku must defeat Liu. Liu noticed that Toku had taken a grappling hook position and Toku thought that something was wrong with the Purgatory fighter since Naidan’s death and Nicolas’s insanity. Toku tells Liu to stop underestimating him because he’s above his level, and Liu tells Toku to lose him because the person he wants to fight is Gaoh Ryuku. Liu does his fighting stance by twisting a fist and the snake technique in his left hand, then Katahara Metsudu comments that it is a Shambo vs Kung Fu fight. He asks Ren if he was born in the same place as Liu, and Ren replies “Yes, master.” Katarahara also asks Ren if he and Liu have been called Martial Arts Prodigies, then asks if he thinks he can beat Liu.

Ren a parlé du Poing du loup céleste et a I explained the difference between the position of combat et celle de Liu: The position of Ren lui permet d’abattre quatre adversaires en même temps alors que celle de Liu ne peut en abattre qu’un seul at once. However, in a one-on-one fight, Liu would have the upper hand. Fei added that Liu’s father was a big guy who put Liu in hell since he was a child. Fei said that he had a win and a loss against Liu, and that Liu lost because he had lost his mind.

Return to the ring: Liu realized that if Toku grabbed him, the fight would end, so he decided to stay away from him, then Liu stood up first and thought of the four possible moves Toku could make, so that nothing can stop it. by surprise. Liu was able to predict Toku’s move, so he threw a heavy blow saying that Toku was an idiot. However, Toku took that hit on purpose, saying that he could take a single hit, and then surprised him with a powerful uppercut.

Kengan Omega Chapter 111 will likely continue his fight. Although Toku’s uppercut looked devastating, Liu probably has something up his sleeve, and will most likely change it in the next chapter. Chapter 111 is also likely to contain more information about Liu or Toku.

Where to read chapter 111 of Kengan Omega?

Kengan Omega is serialized in Ura Sunday magazine, and fans of the US-based manga series will be able to read it on Kodansha Comics and Amazon Kindle. The raw scans have spread across various anime / manga websites and YouTube videos, but we encourage you to read from official sources.