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Kengan Omega 107 Release Date

April 26, 2021

The fight between Nicolas and Akoya continues as Teddy, Rin and Guillaume finish their meeting. They realize that Nicola, who is fighting, is no longer the same. The chapter is titled The Poison of the Grim Reaper. Kengan Omega’s fights continue below. Rin notices that Nicolas, who is fighting, looks like someone they know. Teddy also notices and tells Rin that it is not Nicolas. Guil comments that he is the Nicolas he has known since childhood. He asks Rin who this guy is and what he’s doing in this competition.

Rin responds that she will find out, but is suspicious of Nicolas. Meanwhile, in the ring, Nicolas delivered a blow that affected Akoya’s vital organs. Nicolas Le Banner has been revealed to be a maggot imposter. Akoya manages to recover from these blows and realizes that she ate them. He decides to be careful with Nicolas’s poison technique. But she noticed that her nerves were broken and that Nicolas broke them. The poison that affected him earlier made him lose mobility in his hands.

Previously in Kengan Omega Chapter 106

Akoya realizes that the Back Slap is the one that took her eyes off. Nicolas attacks again with a slap on the back that sways and misses. Akoya jumps back, and Koga is impressed that Akoya managed to dodge him. Kazuo wonders how Akoya does this. But the poison strikes again, and Akoya begins to lose her body’s balance, and her right arm loses mobility. Agito realizes that Nicolas is attacking Akoya’s nerves to break her body. He realizes that no one can block Nicolas’s attack with normal defenses.

Nicolas realizes that he only needs to paralyze Akoya to win the battle. He decides to poison Akoya before the last poison runs out. He realizes that the poison lasts for forty seconds. Akoya elbows Nicolas hard in the face. Nicolas notices that Akoya hit him with his paralyzed arm. The blow changed Nicolas’s face. Nicolas falls backwards and Akoya comments that he will purge all evil even if his flesh has to rot. The commentator reveals that this was Akoya’s first fall.

Nicolas raises his hand and says to Akoya, “Aha, join me,” and hits him with his palm, which puts Nicolas on the ground. Fans, commentators, and wrestlers are wondering why Akoya is down. Both fighters are down and it’s a double knockout. It was revealed that Nicholas used Sahate to paralyze his diaphragm, making it difficult to breathe. But after a count, the two fighters are back on their knees. Nicolas wonders how Akoya survived this blow, as it was a knockout blow.

He comments that his techniques don’t work on a powerful guy like Akoya. Nicolas walks over and asks Akoya what the difference is between a heavyweight and a middleweight. He replies that the answer is hitting power, and Nicolas attacks Akoya quickly with efficient punches. Nicolas says the second question is what is the same between a heavyweight and a middleweight. Meanwhile, Rin, Teddy, and Guil investigate Nicolas, but they are distraught.

Back in action, Nicolas comments that he is happy to kill Akoya on a night like this. The battle continues with Nicolas on his feet. He is ready to take down Akoya, who seems weaker than Nicolas due to the poisons that have destroyed his nerves. We will find out more truth about Nicolas Le Banner next week when a new chapter is released. We will also find out if Akoya will recover and face Nicolas, who believes that victory is his. Take a look at the following below.

Release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 107

Kengan Omega Chapter 107 will be published on Thursday, April 29, 2021. Kenga Omega chapters will be published every Thursday. Try more updates here: Kengan Omega Chapter 105 has been released in the last two weeks. Here’s what the updates for the next chapter have to offer. Don’t miss the next chapter on the Thursday after the last one is published. You can also read Spoilers and Preview: Fairy Ranmaru Episode 4.

Kengan Omega 107: Where to read?

You will be able to read Kengan Omega Chapter 107 online on MangaOne as soon as it is published.