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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 release date and spoilers

June 1, 2021

Maki and Mai survived this room full of cursed spirits. Maki manages to interrupt Master Ogi, and the bell has rung. Ranta heads to Master Jinichi’s warehouse. When he arrives, he tells Master Jinichi that Maki is crazy and that he cut Master Ogi. Kukuru’s unit has received the news and they are after Maki and Mai. Maki tells Mai that it’s her time and that they need to wake up. Naoya is shocked that the girls he abused as a child cut Ogi off. Chapter of the jujutsu kaisen manga titled Perfect Preparation Part 3.

Kukuru’s unit wonders how Maki attacked Master Ogi. They realize that she can hit Master Ogi when he is sleeping or when he is in the bathroom. Naoya wonders if Maki killed Master Ogi. Order Kukuru’s unit to capture Maki before he arrives. Jinichi told the captain to stop Maki, and if they fail, Jinich will be in big trouble. Nobuaki Zenin, the captain of the Kukuru Unit, tells Jinichi that he shouldn’t kill Maki and get the job done. Zenin men who do not possess cursed techniques can join the Kukuru unit.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 150 Summary

Maki was one of the members of the Kukuru unit before joining Jujutsu High. Members of Kukuru’s unit noticed that Maki was carrying unidentified curse tools. They circled the room and decided to go after Maki. Maki was surrounded by more than fifty men dressed as Ninjas. In the other room, Naoya relaxes, thinking that these men are going to capture Maki.

He wonders what Maki is going to do since the Kukuru Unit is not child’s play. In the play, Maki wonders what he will do for a living. He has a flashback of when he was around Mai. They used to protect and take care of each other. Maki apologizes saying Mai’s name and the Kuruku unit yells attack. He realizes that he had promised Mai that he would destroy everything. Maki cuts off the hands of the first boy who rushed to cut her off.

She begins exchanging saber blows with them and cuts off half of the Kuruku Unit. The men of the Kukuru Unit cannot believe that a lady is punishing them. The team that has tried to attack its blind spot and is paying with its life. Suddenly, Maki is stunned and wonders who this powerful guy is who stunned her.

Maki looks at her shoes and realizes that she knows this guy who knocks her down. Jump back and cut the men behind her. Maki gets up and sees Nobuaki Zenin, the captain of the Kukuru unit. Nobuaki asks Maki how she is, and Maki looks around and sees that many men have paid the price of death by trying to go after her. Suddenly, he realizes that the ground is shaking and jumps to a safer place. Two hands emerge from the ground and try to crush Maki by slapping her, but they fail.

Captain Nobuaki comments that this is Chojuro’s cursed technique, and that he is not the only one. Nobuaki is surprised that HEI is here and thinks it means the matter is serious. He wonders who broke the news, and they are traveling and arriving in no time. Ranta appears behind the HEI, and Nobuaki concludes that it was Ranta who invited the HEI. The HEI is the most influential magical group in the Zenin clan. This is a group of people who have skills of semi-grade 1 or higher according to the criteria of Jujutsu High.

The trio join the battle and Maki fights them as if she is fighting with only one man. Nobuaki is surprised that Maki receives a powerful blow from Chojiro, but keeps moving. Maki begins to punish everyone, and Master Jinichi also joins the fight. The battle turns into a 5v1 fight, unleashing powerful cursed techniques that take down all five guys. Noubuaki says yes, and Naoya Zenin, the head of the IES, arrives to take care of Maki. He comments that Maki has a human heart and replies that someone has taken his soul from him.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 Release Date

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 will be released on Sunday, June 6, 2021. You can read more Jujutsu Kaisen chapters for free on Viz. The next chapter will be available on Sunday, do not miss it.