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I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level Episode 12 release date

June 21, 2021

After being reincarnated as an immortal, Azusa earned the title of Highland Witch. The girl likes to travel the kingdom, make new friends, gather as many girls as possible and build a big house. Azusa became a famous witch and helped many people in her kingdom. However, his story is about to end with the end of the game. I have killed beasts for 300 years and have reached my maximum level. Let’s see how Azusa and the girls finish their journey below.

Azusa and the girls make a toast, and Halkara calls him Shroompa. Flatorte and Laika are disappointed that there is no meat. Azusa wonders if what Halkara brought them is edible. Halkara replies that he only collected edible mushrooms and memorized the mushrooms from the nearby forest. Azusa responds that if Halkara insists, she believes him. The Shroopa party begins and the girls feast on roasted mushrooms. Halkara season the pepper by spreading butter on the grill and sautéing the mushrooms in the pot.

Azusa tastes the food and yells, “Bring the alcohol.” Laika and Flatorte enjoy the mushroom as if they were eating meat. Flatorte comments that it is not meat, but it is good in its own way. Girls love to eat and drink. Falfa and Shalsha are surprised that there are different types of mushrooms. Azusa is drunk and says nothing beats grilled mushroom and butter combo with soy sauce. He wonders what kind of mushroom he ate, and Halkara reveals that they are black dwarf mushrooms. Halkara shows that he chose those who had not grown too big.

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The title of the episode is “I ate a mushroom and became a child.” Halkara tells of a poisonous mushroom that makes a person cringe. Azusa realizes that she ate this mushroom and asks Halkara if she mentioned the poison. He yells at Halkara if he ate the mushrooms safely. Halkara tells him that the ones he has collected are wonderful. Azusa collapses and wakes up a few minutes later. The girls wonder if their mom is okay and Falfa comments that she is so cute.

Azusa thinks something has happened to her body. Azusa wonders what they meant when they said she was cute. Later, the girls return home and Azusa discovers that she turned into a girl after eating a mushroom. The fungus makes your body shrink and you want to get back to normal. Halkara apologizes for giving Azusa contaminated food. But it doesn’t hurt, it just makes Azusa cringe. Halkara promises that she will find a way to return Azusa to her adult form.

The witch in the cave

Halkara goes in search of a mushroom that can make a human fatter. Azusa realizes that it will take a long time for her to get back to what she was before. The girls are happy to be able to play with the cute new boy in the house. Flatorte continues to play with Azusa, treating her like a child. Azusa scolds the girls saying she doesn’t want to be a baby. Rosalie points out that although Azusa’s body is smaller, her soul weighs the same. Laika wonders if there are clothes in town that are suitable for the new child in the house.

Falfa and Shalsha enjoy feeding Azusa, who reminds them that she is not a girl. Shalsha likes to read Azusa a story about the intrinsic differences between knowledge and experience. Azusa wonders what it is and Shalsha comments that it is a literary masterpiece on intuitive cognition. Azusa responds that it is not a book that they can read to a child. At night, the three children enjoy sleeping together. The next day, Azusa is surprised that Laika has prepared a children’s lunch for her.

Azusa asks for news of Halkara, and Laika reveals that Halkara is figuring out a way to get Azusa back to normal. Laika wonders if she should pat Azusa’s head. Azusa replies that they can play with her in any way since she became their baby. The girls have fun playing with the baby: Laika and Flatorte fight over Azusa, who told them to stop. Later, the team travels to the Demon Realm to find a cure for Azusa. They meet Eno, who is known as the Witch of the Cave. They gave Azusa Mandragon Pills that transform her into her old form.

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level Episode 12 release date

I’ve been slaying slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level. Episode 12 premieres on June 26, 2021 at 9:00 pm. You can watch I’ve been slaying slimes for 300 years and My max level online on Crunchyroll.