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I’m a spider. So what? Episode 24 Delayed

June 30, 2021

I am a spider, so what? The next episode 24 was scheduled to premiere in June, but the anime’s premiere date has been pushed back due to some changes. The premiere date of the next episode is not confirmed, but it will arrive soon. The new date for the next episode will be announced later. But it seems that the anime will continue from episode 24 after its first season. Let’s review the story of the spider girl. Wakaba or Komuko is a student who reincarnated as a spider in another world.

The first day Wakaba arrives, he thinks it is a dream and then he finds a monstrous spider. Before reaching the Other Side, Wakaba was a young student known as Komuko who disappeared after a mysterious lightning bolt destroyed her school. Wakaba wakes up in a maze full of ferocious monsters and realizes that he must survive or meet his end. The spider girl trains hard every day to face a different monster, and she is forced to eat these monsters because there is no other source of energy in the labyrinth.

Wakaba’s survival story begins when you conquer the maze by fighting classified monsters. Wakaba begins to take on the lower ranked beasts thinking that living in the labyrinth is an easy task. Later, he encounters high-ranking monsters and ends up fighting the king of the “labyrinth”, the land dragon Araba. After crushing Araba, Wakaba thought that he had become the king of the dungeon, but “Mother” arrives, and she is his nemesis. Wakaba escapes from the labyrinth and reaches the human world, where he saves the vampire girl. Potimos and his man begin to plan the war between humans and elves.

I’m a spider. So what? Episode 24 Summary

Potimos, the leader of the elves, continues with his plan to kidnap human children. But Sensei Filimos decided to reveal the truth to the group of heroes. Potimos visited the vampire girl’s family and learned of the divine beast that protects the kingdom of Ohts. The king told Potimos that the divine beast had appeared, but that they did not know where it was. Later, Shun and the group of heroes prepare to stop the war between humans and elves.

Wakaba sends Brain 1 and Brain 2 to search for updates on the war between the Demon Lord and the Earth Dragon in the labyrinth. The Brain 1 reports that the battle is exciting, but it seems to be far from over. The war between humans and elves has begun, and Wakaba comments on the war as a soccer game. After noticing that the kingdom of the Ohts is being punished, Waka plunges into the middle of the war and decides to help the kingdom of the vampire girl.

Demon army

The first battle ended in one fell swoop, and Wakaba believed that the humans who wanted to take over Ohts’ kingdom were strong. But they disappointed her because they died suddenly. After the battle, the Demon Lord appears and Wakaba wonders how the Demon Lord could have defeated the Earth Dragon. Meanwhile, on the other side, Shuna fought Hugo and defeated him. Sophia reveals her true colors, and the commander of the Fourth Demon Army Corps arrives and says that the Demon Army is invading the Elven village.

Sophia is happy that the plans are working accordingly, and Shun’s team wonders why the Commander is here. Shun realizes that Merazophis is working with the demon army. Hugo discovers that Sophia was using him and decides to get revenge. The group of heroes discover that the demonic army has used the Imperials as a distraction and increases their range to invade the elven village. Hyrince talks about the battle between the elves and the humans and how they will ambush the demons.

Shun decided to fight Sophia and Mezarophis. Mezarophis killed Hugo, who wanted to get revenge on Sophia and make her pay to use it. Shun and Sophia were involved in an intense fight. Katia realizes that Sophia is up to something and warns Shun to back off. But Sophia manages to defeat Shun with the group of heroes. Fortunately, the elves came to the rescue and told Sophia to go to the commander. The final battle between Wakaba and the Demon Lord is about to begin.

I’m a spider. So what? Episode 24 Release Date

I am a spider, so what? Episode 24 has been postponed and the premiere date will be announced soon. You can see I’m a spider, so what? on Crunchyroll.