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Higurashi When They Cry Episode 4 Release Date and Spoilers

July 9, 2021

The story of the mysterious Hinamizawa village festival continues with Keichi and his friends trying to unravel the mysteries behind Oyashiro’s curse. higurashi When They Cry SOTSU returns with a new version of young students who are given a second chance to reshape their past. The episode begins with Rena buying something that looks like a comment about someone’s suicide or murder. Rena picks up a rope, a blue tarp, and duct tape. On Tuesday July 14, 1983, Rena’s father wakes up with a new headache and finds Rena making breakfast for him.

Rena offers her father water and she is bored when he calls her Queen, which is the name of the new lady he is dating. Rena’s father asks his daughter what she will do with the objects she brought from the material. Rena wonders how her father knows about her items. Rena’s father reveals that he saw a bag from the hardware store in her room. Rena makes up a story about a beautiful statue near the dam construction spillway. Rena then went to his hiding place and hid something that said no one would find out.

Keiichi is surprised to be the first to reach the meeting point, and Rena is not there. Keiichi wonders why Rena is taking so long since he finds her waiting for him every day. Rena comes running up and starts calling Keiichi. The two talk about his delay, and Keiichi says that if it happens again, he won’t find it. They arrived at the school and met Satoko, Mion, and Rika. They both talked about going to bed early. Rena explains why she is late, and Rika suggests that they can help her with the housework if it makes her late. Rena responds that it is something she can do on her own.

Previously on Higurashi When They Cry Episode 3

The girls encourage Rena to do something on her own. Rena tells them that she will not go to the club today. Mion replies that they can’t go to the club because it might rain, and they decide to call it a day. After school, Rena is rushing somewhere and Satoko has seen her. Stoko feels that something is wrong with Rena, who comes to the store and buys some dangerous things. At night, Rena came to her hiding place and put her things.

Later, Rena comes home and hears the voice of a lady who apologizes for coming without telling anyone. The lady asks if she is Rena and says that she is a friend of Rena’s father. Rena realizes that she knows this lady from her father and says that the lady is Rina Mamiya. The two start talking about the man of the house, and Rena asks what Rina wants from her father. Rina is speechless and says that Rena is still in her father’s mouth.

Secret hiding

Rina told Rena that they wanted to meet her and Rena replies that she was waiting for this moment. The two talked about helping each other search for treasures. Rena entered the house and came up with some things to help them dig the treasure. They both arrive at the site and Rein freaks out when he talks to Rena, who doesn’t respond. Rena replies that the wind is blowing her ears, so she hasn’t heard anything. They arrive at the entrance and Rena tells Rina not to tell anyone about her secret hideout.

Rina wants to go inside, but Rena tells her to wait outside because she will bring all the tools from the store. Rena prepares her materials inside the hideout, but is surprised when Rina walks in and praises her work. Rena reminds Rina that she told her to wait outside. Rina talks about her chelation with Rena’s father and how Rena’s father is her client at the club where they drink alcohol. Rena responds that she knows because her father always comes home smelling beer.

Rena realizes that Rina is in her father’s service and that her father pays money and buys beers. Rina opens up about how she was raised by one of her parents and feels guilty that Rena’s father came to the club and left his daughter alone. Rena becomes enraged and chases Rina, wielding a great sword. Rena cuts Rin’s neck and hides her somewhere. After a few weeks, Keiichi came up with Rena, who continues to distract Keichi somewhere. The detective visits Rena and asks for news of Rina, who has disappeared.

Release date for Higurashi when they cry episode 4

The release date for Higurashi When They Cry Episode 4 is July 15, 2021. You can watch Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU online at Funimation.