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Grand Blue Chapter 68 Release Date

June 5, 2021

The cover of Grand Blue gives a first impression of a serene manga where children come together to foster their love of diving. When it comes to first impressions, they are almost misleading. Grand Blue is a chaotic manga full of unpredictable madness. The manga’s creators go to great lengths to bring the series to life, ensuring that every element of the chaotic humor is added piece by piece. Grand Blue is written by Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka. The manga first aired in 2014 and has since published new chapters in Good! Magazine. Kodansha afternoon. Inspired by the manga, Zero-G studio produced an anime adaptation. The anime, like its original manga, left viewers laughing until they felt a stomachache. After a month-long hiatus, the Grand Blue Chapter 68 release date has been announced.

This is not the first break in the Grand Blue manga. It was discontinued in January 2021 due to Kenji Inoue’s health problems. According to various sources, Kenji Inoue suffers from a certain nameless back problem. The manga returned in March 2021. However, Inoue’s health deteriorated again and he was hospitalized a few weeks later. Thus, the manga returned to a hiatus after the publication of its chapter 67. The announcement of the hiatus was made in the June issue of Good! June afternoon. He also secured the manga’s return for the month of June.

Here are all the details for the Grand Blue Chapter 68 release date.

Grand Blue Chapter 67: Summary

Chapter 67 of Grand Blue is titled “Sh * t.”

Starting where the manga ended, Chisa’s eyes widen when Busujima challenges her to play for Iori. Immediately on the next panel, he sighs, expressing his refusal. The hope of seeing a troubled Chisa is instantly dashed. Aina is quite excited and starts suggesting games for the challenge. As the women fight, Iori is happy for all the attention he’s getting, but tells them not to fight for him. However, a second later, when they turn to him, he’s gone. A sign in slow motion shows that he was abducted by Fujiwara and Yamamoto. Kohei had noticed and left.

Iori is tied up and driven in a car. He concludes that they must have kidnapped him after seeing the girls fight over him. Finding no way to escape, he jumps out of the movie’s vehicle, leaving the other two in shock. A note from the authors reads: “It is extremely dangerous to dump garbage from a moving vehicle. Please don’t try. “

He hides behind a bush, but is soon joined by Kohei. As Fujiwara and Yamamoto search for Iori to kill him, Kohei realizes that they could be arrested if someone hears them. Iori decides to kill them before they can and enlists Kohei’s help. At the same time, Busujima and Aina decide a game while Chisa is left behind without interest.

Iori asks Kohei to attack the virgins as he serves as bait for them. When Kohei refuses, Iori asks him to talk to them. They greet each other casually, but when asked where Iori is, he replies that he doesn’t know. Hearing his responses, they attack him with a Taser gun. Kohei sneaks away and asks them why. They answer that it is because he came with Aina. Kohei hides with Iori, but the virgins say they will let him go if he returns Iori to them. However, they conclude that the virgins will chase after him after he finishes with Iori anyway.

Iori attacks Fujiwara from behind, but is caught. The same thing happens during Kohei’s fight against Yamamoto. Kohei and Iori realize that the virgins’ jealousy has given them power. A dramatic fight later, Kohei and Iori win. Kohei tells Yamamoto that the V-Idol he coveted was him from the beginning. Yamamoto falls unconscious.

They then decide how to deal with Nojima. He appears dressed as a woman, but Kohei and Iori immediately recognize the man. When they come over and call him, he takes off his wig and makes a dramatic speech. Iori and Kohei beat him up, but he asks to have his robe removed. They accept but begins to scream. Annoyed, Iori and Kohei leave. Nojima smirks devilishly and sends a misleading photo to the girls telling them that they were dropped off to pick up another girl.

Busujima is angry, Aina screams and Chisa (like us) wonders what they are doing.

Release date of chapter 68 of Grand Blue

After a month-long hiatus, Grand Blue is back. Grand Blue Chapter 68 will be released on June 7, 2021 in the July issue of Good! Late. It has also been confirmed that another chapter will be published in the August issue. Thus, chapter 69 will be released on July 7, 2021. In addition, volume 17 of the Grand Blue manga will also be released in August of this year.