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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 13 Release Date

July 3, 2021

In episode 12 of season 4 of “Good Girls”, Rio kidnaps Annie to intimidate the girls. He then finds himself in a truck with Mick, Rio’s right-hand man. But they are stopped by the police, who begin to assume that Mick is on the wrong side of the law. If you haven’t seen the latest episode, you can read it in the recap. To find out what awaits good girls, here is everything we know about the next episode!

good girls season 4 Episode 13 Release Date

Episode 13 of season 4 of ‘Good Girls’ premieres on July 8, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama series generally features new episodes every Thursday, each lasting approximately 41 to 44 minutes.

Where to watch episode 13 of season 4 of Good Girls online?

To watch “Good Girls” Season 4 Episode 13 on NBC during its live broadcast, tune in at the time indicated above. After the first TV, you can also stream it on the NBC official website or the NBC app. The show is also available on live streaming platforms such as YoutubeTV, SlingTV, DirecTV, Spectrum, Xfinity, and FuboTV. You can also rent the episodes from popular video-on-demand services like Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, and FandangoNow. You can even check if “Good Girls” is available on AppleTV and Hulu.

good girls season 4 Episode 13 Spoilers

Episode 13 of season 4 of “Good Girls” is titled “You.” As we saw in the previous episode, the good girls are back in business. However, we know that Rio will not allow them to live in peace. In the next episode, he’s going to interfere with the gears of his latest business, which will naturally infuriate Beth. Rio might have a new plan in mind related to all the money they dumped at the casino. Meanwhile, Phoebe may be on the trail of the girl after she discovers new information about the case. His return to Detroit risks terrorizing the girls. For more information, you can view the promotion below.

Good girls season 4 episode 12 recap

Episode 12 of season 4 of “Good Girls” is titled “Family First.” In this latest episode, Beth’s loyalty is tested once again when Rio asks her to sacrifice someone she loves. Moments before this unreasonable proposal, Rio shows up at Annie’s door, hinting that he wants her to join him. In response, she looks at her phone and Rio tells her to keep it away from her. At the Boland house, Beth and Dean argue about the money he has lost.

Dean’s former gangmates (turned lawyers) want substantial evidence against Beth, which puts him under pressure. Seconds later, Ben bursts in, worried about his mother, who has disappeared without warning. Beth immediately understands what Rio is doing, but the gangster mobster wants her money and could do anything to get every penny. Elsewhere, Annie is driven in a truck. Mick, the driver, takes her to an unreliable place and Annie assumes she is close to death. The good girls prepare to pay the club taxes so that they can resume their activities in peace.

After a brief discussion with Emma Caulfield, who manages to outbid them at auction, they use their dishonest tactics to take over the club. Mick and Annie are stopped by the police, who are certain that the vulnerable-looking woman in the truck is the victim of an assault. However, she deflects his accusations by claiming that they are in a relationship. The episode ends with Ruby and Beth working on their next batch and Annie’s return to civilization. Beth later visits Nick for advice, as Stan is seen conspiring with the lawyers.