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Godzilla Singular Point Season 2 Release Date

June 26, 2021

Godzilla Singular Point ”is an original sci-fi animated series set in 2030. Yun Arikawa, a young genius engineer, works at the Otaki Factory, a local DIY workshop. While visiting an isolated and abandoned house to investigate strange noises, he hears a song in an unknown language. Meanwhile, Mei Kamino, a science student specializing in the study of imaginary creatures, goes to the Misakioku Radio Observatory at her teacher’s request to investigate a “special signal,” which turns out to be the same song Yun heard. As the kaiju begins to appear around the world, Mei and Yun discover that that song could be the reason.

The show’s first season received many positive reviews for its stunning animation and complex and ambitious storyline after its premiere. If you’ve seen the anime before and are wondering when Season 2 will be released, we’ve got you covered.

Godzilla Singular Point Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ premiered on June 24, 2021 on Netflix and has 13 episodes. The series premiered on the streaming giant in Japan on March 25, 2021. It originally aired on Japanese television from April 1, 2021 to June 24, 2021. Studio Bones and Studio Orange developed the anime together, with Atsushi. Takahashi at the head of production. team and Toh EnJoe head of the writing team. As for the second season, this is what we know.

Neither Netflix executives nor the anime’s creators have yet commented on the matter. But Bones and Orange are large animation studios with considerable experience producing multi-season animated series. While the former developed anime such as “My Hero Academia” and “Bungo Stray Dogs,” the latter created “Beastars.” They have enough resources and skills to create the second season of “Godzilla Singular Point” if it is renewed. Netflix, which owns the streaming rights to the series, has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to supporting quality and popular animated content.

Baki and Aggretsuko are good examples, since these series, like Beastars, have had several seasons on Netflix. If “Godzilla Singular Point” manages to replicate the success of these animes, there is no reason why there should not be another season. Additionally, the inaugural season ends with scenes that foreshadow the potential plot of the second season. If the anime is renewed in the coming months, season 2 of “Godzilla Singular Point” is expected to release in 2022.

Godzilla Singular Point Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

In the season 1 finale, the code is revealed to be the latest version of the Jaguar Jet, the Jaguar PP Jet. Activate the Orthogonal Diagonalizer and defeat Godzilla, despite the robot being destroyed in the process. Revealing the code also prevents catastrophe from happening. Later, Yun and Mei meet for the first time. The post-credits scene reveals that the Shiva Consortium is building Mechagodzilla, and that Michiyuki Ashihara, the scientist behind it all, is still alive.

In season 2, we could learn more about Shiva’s story and the organization’s ultimate goal. They could use Mechagodzilla to harness the power of a singular point and build their own army of kaiju. Other colossal kaiju could appear, prompting Shiva to use Mechagodzilla against them. Yun and Mei could work together to discover the other secrets behind Ashihara’s work. Gorou and Yun might find a way to bring Jet Jaguar back, or rather a version of him. The secrets of Ashihara’s apparent longevity and eternal youth will likely be revealed in the upcoming season.