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Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date

May 6, 2021

Mine visits Ayame and asks her what she wants for dinner. Ayame is busy wondering about something, and Mine asks her the same question twice. Fruits Basket Season 3 is also known as Fruits Basket: The Final. Ayame didn’t answer Mine what she asked, and he asks her something else. He asks Mime if she would leave him if he remained cursed forever. Mine ‘replies that she is the only one who decides what makes her happy. She also tells Ayame that her Mina is not going anywhere since her happiness is here.

The episode is titled Ayame Most Trusted, Most Carrying. Mine ‘also told Ayame that she is crazy about him and that he will stay here forever. Meanwhile, in the bookstore, Miyako is with Hatori, who notices that she is reading something. Hatori asks her what it is and she replies that it is a journey. Miyako reveals that she thinks it will be a great journey. Hatori comments that a trip will be fine and she asks him if he will go on a trip. Hatori is silent for a moment and says that he is not going anywhere.

Previously in fruits basket season 3 Episode 5

Yuki thinks of something while looking out the window of the student council room. Machi arrives and tells him that he has finished his work and hands him some files. Yuki quickly realizes that he finished and replies that he is working harder than usual. Machi decides to leave and Yuki pulls her back with his right hand. They look at each other and Yuki tells Machi that I do, but she leaves when she hears someone open the door. Kimi walks in talking to her brother. Yuki realizes that Kimi has ruined the moment.

Kimi asks if Yuki saw Machi, and Yuki remains speechless as Machi hides nearby. Yuki ends up saying that he hasn’t seen Machi. He realizes that he has to tell Machi no matter what. Yuki is upset that the student council members have arrived. He whispers that he has to tell him that he is not a normal human. Machi reacts as if Yuki isn’t going to talk about this. Meanwhile, Shigure visits Akito and asks if there is any reason for her to continue locking herself in her room.

When he is about to finish his speech, he feels someone’s presence. Shigure looks behind him and discovers that it is Kureno, and decides to leave without talking to him. He realizes that he recently discovered Kureno and Akito’s secret, which infuriated him. When he leaves, Kureno confronts Akito and asks if he will let Shigure go. Akito replies that he doesn’t care since Shigure is a cold bastard. She also says that if he doesn’t want to be nice when she is in pain, he has to forget about it.

Shigure heard this and realized that Akito’s way of thinking would get her nowhere. At school, Momiji walks into the school hall and receives many compliments from the girls. The girls who don’t know Momiji wonder who this boy is and the others say he is the Soma boy. Momiji meets Tohru and asks if they can walk together, and Tohru agrees. The girls notice that Momiji has grown into a handsome man and is no longer acting like a boy. They’re glad he didn’t say that childish phrase he used to say.

Momiji realizes that all eyes are on him and that he said this childish phrase. The girls are disappointed that he is still behaving like a child. He goes with Tohru to get sandwiches and ice cream. Later, Momiji visits Kyo, who realizes that Momiji has grown up. Momiji tells Kyo not to abandon Tohru; he asks if it won’t hurt if another boy takes Tohru from him. It leaves Kyo wondering and says that he is going to eat curry. The next day at school, Kyo confronts Momiji, who reveals that his curse is broken and that if Kyo’s curse is broken, it will make Tohru happy.

Fruits Basket 3 episode 6 release date

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6 will air on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 1:35 am JST. You can watch Fruits Basket Season 3 online, Crunchyroll, animelab and Funimation. Check out the next episode of Fruits Basket season 3 in the preview below.