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Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date

April 28, 2021

Akito and Kureno are alone in the room and she shows him a box containing something. She asks him if he knows what it is, and Kuro replies that he doesn’t. Kureno asks Akito what is in the basket. Akito looks at him and smiles. Meanwhile, Yuki met Haru at school and asked about Rin. He tells her that he heard that Rin is in the hospital and asks about her condition or what hospital. Haru asks Yuki why he wants to know this, and Yuki comments that Tohru is worried. Fruits Basket Season 3 continues below.

Haru is surprised that Tohru is worried about Rin. Yuki reveals that Rin and Tohru are close friends. Haru is impressed that Rin made a friend and Yuki says that Tohru looked uncomfortable. Haru reveals that no one knows about Rin and that he hasn’t heard anything. Yuki realizes that she has become a mystery and wonders if Haru is okay. Haru tells Yuki that she is fine and that she has Tohru to thank for everything. He left saying that if something happened, Yuki needed to comfort Tohru.

Previously on fruits basket season 3 Episode 4

Yuki is left surprised, wondering why Haru told him this, but he also told him that if something happened, he would let him know. Hiro ran into Kisa on the way home, and she told him that she was on her way to visit her house. Kisa asks Hiro why he always wears his uniform. Hiro reveals that he passed by Kagura’s house and wanted to see if Rin had returned. But Rin hasn’t come home yet and he asks her if she’s coming to visit Hinata.

Kisa agrees, and Hiro reveals that Hinata isn’t ready to open up to her feelings, but hopes that she smiles soon. Kisa comments that in time, Hiro will become a better older brother. Hiro reveals his feelings for Hinata. He says he wants to become a better person who can protect Hinata. Hiro tells her that there is something she wants to tell him, but meets Haru before telling her. Haru apologizes for blocking Hiro’s path.

Hiro comments that Haru is as big as a house. He tells Haru to watch where he is going and to stop getting in his way. Haru touches their heads and comments that the two of them have grown more. It tells them to be careful when walking and not to be blind. When he is about to leave, Hiro tells him that he has not returned if he is looking for Rin. After hearing this, Haru stopped and was silent for a while. Hiro comments that he knows it’s none of his business.

Haru tells her not to worry and asks if Rin was sad or hurt. Hiro realizes that he said something wrong to Haru about Rin. He replies that he said that because he was in a bad mood. But he knows that she was suffering since she saw a maid feed and care for her. Hiro decides to tell Haru the truth because he has realized that Haru cares about her. He reveals that Akito pushed Rin off the second floor balcony. But Akito did it on purpose and it remains a secret. Hiro was there and witnessed everything that happened.

Hiro also revealed that Akito pressured Rin because he found out the truth about Rin and Haru’s relationship. Meanwhile, Kureno saw a maid going somewhere and followed her. He finds out that she is sending someone food. Kureno asks where she’s sending food to, and she replies that she’ll get in trouble if she talks. The lady reveals that her father has a great debt and that she cannot speak. Kureno realizes that this is Akito’s job, and that she might be the one who hid Rin since no one knows her whereabouts.

Later, Hiro reveals that Akito hit Kisa and that he apologized for it. At night, Rin escapes and meets Haru in the morning. Haru carries her and tells her that he will not abandon her. She told her that it was not a dream and that everyone was worried about her. Rin is happy that Haru found her, but is ashamed that she is wearing her in public and being watched.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 5 will air on Tuesday May 4, 2021 at 1:35 am JST. You can watch Fruits Basket Season 3 online, Crunchyroll, animelab and Funimation.