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Final Space Season 4 Release Date

June 15, 2021

Final Space ”is an animated series that revolves around an astronaut named Gary Goodspeed and his powerful alien friend Mooncake. Together, they embark on a journey to understand what “Final Space” really is and save the universe. They are accompanied by their crew and an artificial intelligence called HUE. Created by Olan Rogers and David Sacks, the comedy series first launched on February 26, 2018 on TBS. The series then moved to Adult Swim in June 2019 and has aired on Cartoon Network’s programming block ever since.

Although the series received a mixed reception from critics, it received a lot of love from viewers. Some felt the comedy failed and the lead Gary wasn’t interesting enough to move the series forward, but the series was praised for its setting and visuals nonetheless. Even though the space drama is presented as a crazy and goofy intergalactic adventure, some have noted that the series aims to be more than that. Overall, it was appreciated for its animation, voice acting, unique characters, and action sequences. As season three draws to a close, fans are eager to hear the news of a possible season 4. So here’s everything we know.

Final Space Season 4 Release Date

Season 3 of ‘Final Space’ premiered on March 20, 2021 on Adult Swim. The season ended after 13 episodes on June 14, 2021. The episodes are approximately 21 minutes each.

As for the fourth season, this is what we have for you. For now, there is no official confirmation on whether or not the series will be renewed. However, in 2018, Olan Rogers claimed that he was ready to run the animated show for at least six seasons and even thought about how the series would end. As the series airs on multiple platforms, it enjoys strong fan support. Netflix is ​​responsible for international distribution and the first two seasons also premiered on HBO Max in March 2021. So we know that the adventures of Gary, Mooncake, and their friends could continue.

Typically, a new season is announced the same month that the most recent season ends. For example, the second season was ordered in May 2018, the day that season 1 aired its last episode, and the third season was renewed in September 2019, almost a week after the end of season 2. While the Season 2 landed almost a year after the end of Season 1, Season 3 experienced some delays likely due to COVID-19. Fans had to wait around 18 months for the third installment. However, we believe that producing a new season will not take that long this time, as the production teams have found a way to work remotely. So, if the series launches soon, we can expect “Final Space” season 4 to launch sometime in the summer of 2022.

The cast of Final Space season 4: who can be part of it?

If the series returns with its fourth iteration, we can expect all the important members of the voice cast to continue to lend their voices to their respective characters. This includes Olan Rogers (Gary Goodspeed / Mooncake / Tribore Menendez / Gary Digital), Fred Armisen (KVN / Eduardo / Overlord / Groom / Evil / Key Guardian), Tom Kenny (HUE / SAMES / Dewinter Son / Septim / Molelito / Ziznack / Kevin Van Newton), Coty Galloway (Avocato / Viro) and David Tennant (The Lord Commander / Jack).

The other vocal actors in the series are Tika Sumpter (Quinn Ergon / Nightfall / Harp Graven / Melanie Dewinter), Steven Yeun (Little Cato / Captain of the Infinity Guard / Death Cookies / Mr. Graven), Vanessa Marshall (Invictus) and Ron. . Perlman (John Goodspeed / Chief of the Burners Tribe). So most of them are likely to return if there is a season 4. New voices are also possible to hear, although the talented voice cast has multiple characters heard.

Final Space season 4 plot: what is it?

In season three, Gary and his team enter Final Space to save Quinn, but realize they have been trapped inside. Mooncake and Little Cato also face danger from Invictus and Lord Commander. With the lives of the entire team at stake, they must find a way to survive. If there is a season 4, we’ll see what the future holds for Team Squad, especially now that they’ve experienced Final Space and know a little more about it. On the other hand, they could seek revenge against Invictus and Lord Commander after what they have endured because of him. Either way, we know that Team Squad will never be the same again.