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Fighters Will Bepatched Episode 5 Release Date

April 26, 2021

Agent Six and Snow were summoned by the general in the morning. Officer Six was feeling tired and pointed out that he was off duty today and did not need to be here this early. Snow tells Agent Six to behave as they are in front of the General. The general tells them it is an emergency. He reveals that his unit’s treasure found the other day paved the way to the Demon Lord’s castle for the group of heroes. But they got the news that Heine of the Flame was attacking them.

The general also says that the enemy is becoming patient, and orders Agent Six and his group to take on the main enemy leaders, starting with the Elite Four. Snow agrees before Agent Six says anything. He tells her to wait and she asks him if he’s going to say no. Snow whispers in her ear that the mission is an honor, and that if they complete it, they will earn promotions and cash bonuses at will. The knight comments that they can only give such an important mission as a national hero like Agent Six.

Fighters will be sent ahead of time! Episode 4

Agent Six asks them to explain the mission and wonders if it was mentioned by this gentleman who hates him. The general reveals that it was the knight’s idea and that he is a great admirer of Agent Six. Agent Six wonders what the knight is up to, and the guy looks down and smiles. Later, Snow goes to the combat training ground with Agent Six, and they have gathered the kingdom’s warriors. Snow told them that they could not fail in this mission. Agent Six asks Alice what she thinks of the mission.

Alice asks Agent Six if he suspects this is the mission; They are sent to be killed. Agent Six replies that the knight does not like him and that he may want to get rid of him. Snow and Rose try to wake Grimm, but eventually she falls. Agent Six tells Alice that he humiliates the knight in front of the high places and makes him bow down and apologize. Alice comments that this is not the reason why the knight hates. She thinks she just doesn’t want to be around Agent Six.

Alice tells him that she has a plan if the knight sends them to kill. Agent Six looks at her, motioning for her to tell him her plan. Alice reveals that if Heine appears, they will pretend to find him and then back off. She also reveals that she left her shotgun which is being repaired. Snow and Rose have managed to get Grim back to his chair, and Agent Six is ​​looking back.

He wonders what the two of them are doing to Grim. Agent Six reveals that they won’t fight today because they have a plan. Snow is furious because she wants to complete the mission. She tells Agent Six that this mission has been entrusted to them by the General and the Strategist. Agent Six comments that he does not like the Strategist and thinks he has evil plans and worries about his survival. Suddenly, Heine du Feu arrives with his Flying Eagle.

Her army follows her and a huge and monstrous rock appears. Agent Six asks what this is. Blanche reveals that she is a mechanical doll called a golem that uses magic to move. Alice comments that magic can do anything and wonders why the enemies parted ways. Agent Six advises that he must find Heine du Feu and ask if his unit will fight Heine. Your unit leaders tell you that they will take care of it in no time. They both attack without asking Agent Six’s permission.

Agent Six realizes that he must fight alongside them. Snow unleashes her magical Iceberg ice blade which she claims can kill Heine. Agent Six realizes that Heine can be defeated using Grimm’s curse while the latter sleeps. The battle begins and they manage to finish off the golem, but Heine dominates them. Grimm wakes up and helps them defeat Heine. After defeating Heine, they return home and celebrate their victory. The strategist realizes that his plans have failed and reveals his true nature to Blanche.

Fighters Will Bepatched Episode 5 Release Date

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 5 will be released on Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 9:00 pm JST. You can watch Fighters online, animelab and Funimation.