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Eve’s powers are out of control in Visual Prison Episode 9

November 30, 2021

Eve's powers are out of control in Visual Prison Episode 9

Visual Prison Episode 9 reveals Yuki’s first song, but Gil thinks the song isn’t perfect. Yuki begins recording a new song in the studio, and Gil, along with Eve and Robin, listen to this song while helping Yuki. Gil advises Yuki to adjust to the music and not overwork, but is impressed that Yuki is trying his best. Visual Prison reveals the mystery behind different groups of vampires. In the final episode of Visual Prison, Gil asks Robin what he thinks they were recoding, and Robin explains. Yuki decided to continue until he got tired as they would choose which version is better.

After training, Yuki and Robin went to the showers and talked about Gil. Robin realizes that Gil’s training methods are like punishment. But when they entered the other side, they were met by Dimitri and Hyde, who realized that they had also come to record. Yuki is happy that Dimitri and Hyde are from Eclipse, and they decided to have fun together. Eve and Gil talked about filming on a station that makes them feel like celebrities. Eve is glad she visited a vampire hotel and that they didn’t need to dress up as humans.

The two men met a lady who had lost her hat and they gave it to her. The lady realizes that Eve and Gil are part of Oz’s group of vampires. Eve recognizes this lady and realizes that she is part of Lost + Eden. By the pool, Saga and the members of Lost + Edens. They are both shocked and wonder how they knew they were all here or that it could be a coincidence. In the hotel lounge, Gil confronts Dimitri and Hyde. He wonders why they are here too.

Previously on Visual Prison Episode 8

Hyde reveals that they come to this hotel to record new songs every year. Gil realizes that he has long since retired and never realized they were coming to the same hotel. Dimitri talks about this year’s Visual Prison and how they are going to put on a great performance. Robin and Yuki join in for dinner, and Yuki is excited to see her favorite food. Gil thinks Eclipse should go if they are done with the recording.

But Hyde reveals that David is on vacation and that they can’t leave because they paid to stay longer after finishing the recordings. Robin likes to play with guys from the other side, but all the vampires in the rival group have decided to share the same hotel because they don’t want to ruin their vacation. Hyde believes that fate brought them together, and Dimitri believes that it may be the work of God or the Devil. The rain begins to fall with lightning. The teams are disappointed because it affects the electricity and the power goes out.

Yuki notices something about Eve, who transforms into her evil vampire form. She tells the boys that it is a good day and shows them her vampire fangs. Dimitri and Hyde wonder why they have to go through this, and Eve asks everyone to join in. She turns flowers into lights, and Yuki realizes that this happens all the time when Eve faces the dark. Eve summons everyone outside and leads them into the living room using her powers. Robin and Saga wonder what is going on. Saga realizes that they are in danger and tells the other boys to leave the room as they cannot control Eve.

Visual Prison Episode 9 Release Date

Visual Prison Episode 9 will be released on December 4, 2021. Eve gets angry when he calls her the B word and punishes him. Eve reminds Saga not to swear at a lady. Saga realizes that Eve’s attack did nothing to her and wonders why everyone is looking at him that way. They notice that animal ears have grown on his head. Eve reveals that she is Chamelline Chaddlon Princess Vampire. Let’s take a look at the official details for Visual Prison Episode 9.

Watch Visual Prison Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Visual Prison Episode 9 online on ANIPLUS and Funimation on Fridays at 12:00 am JST. You can watch Visual Prison Episode 9 online in Wakanim (FR), ANIPLUS Asia and Wakanim (DE). Yuki and Gil managed to help Eve regain her vampire form on the safe side. Guil revealed Eve’s past as a vampire princess. Let’s meet at the exit of episode 9 of Visual Prison.