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DrugStore in Another World Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online

July 16, 2021

This article includes the release date and time for DrugStore in Another World Episode 3, Spoilers, and more. Reiji lives and survives with a pharmacy in another world. In Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheating Pharmacist, let’s find out more about Reiji in Another World at the Pharmacy as we head to Episode 3. In the morning, Mina prepares and delivers breakfast for everyone.

Reiji is grateful for his constant cooking and Noela loves food. The village children smelled the aroma and began to look out the window. Noela tells Reiji that the children are watching them. Reiji asks these children to eat the meals.

Children love to play with Noela when they call her a beast. Reiji realizes that these children are Mr. Alf’s children. He says he doesn’t like the animal girl to touch him.

Noela’s tail is good for children. Mina reminds Reiji of last night’s work and is happy to be able to produce the best treatments. Reiji realizes that the children are bothering Noela and decides to do something to occupy the children. Mina bakes the children’s cookies to get Noela’s attention.

The children were able to leave Noela, who says she was saved. Reiji is grateful to Mina for taking care of the children. Reiji knows that Mina has been working hard and decides to break up with it. The episode title is “Today’s Recipe”: Part 1: Scruba-dub-bud Dishwasher Detergent. ” Noela loves to sleep in the morning, while Mina loves the new game.

Mina reveals that all the dishes are barely scrubbed and magically clean. She asks Reiji if he calls it a detergent, which is great and worth doing. Reiji answers. Mina responds that she is going to start having fun doing the dishes.

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Mina is surprised when, after finishing, Reiji decides to prepare the dishes and cook. Reiji told him that they depend, but that they have to learn to do something. Later, Noela and Reiji will bring the boxed food you ordered from Rabbit Tavern.

Rena helps them both get their product. Rena thanks Reiji for producing the botanical deodorant, and the building still smells great. Reiji gave him something in his shop that could help him.

Reiji replies that Rena wonders if it is a new medicine that would make washing dishes much easier for her. The muscular, punk man heard this and asked Reiji if he was the one doing the portions.

The men have spoken in a strange tone and Reiji is scared. Diaz and Moz ask Reiji if they have a minute, Reiji wonders what they are saying. Annabelle arrives and tells the two to stop, but they wanted to say something.

DrugStore in Another World episode 3 release date

The release date for DrugStore in Another World Episode 3 is July 21, 2021. We expect DrugStore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist Episode 3 to air in different time zones depending on where you are.

Where to watch episode 3 of DrugStore in Another World?

See DrugStore in Another World on Crunchyroll. The anime DrugStore in Another World Episode 3 will air online weekly.