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Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai Episode 43 Preview

August 1, 2021

Dai used Dai’s sword and sliced ​​through the Sovereign Rock castle. The leader of the Shawod Legion, Mystvearn, was shocked that no human can bring down the castle. Lon wonders how Dai is doing and his brother brings him a drink. Lon decided not to drink until the war was over. Comment that beer is garbage. Let’s see who will be conquered in the Kingdom of Papnica in the latest episode of Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure. Lon decided to drink non-alcoholic beer. The two men talk about the life of a Darkling that passes without incident. The title of the episode is “The Field of Death.”

Lon reveals that Darklings live much longer than humans, but many of them are lazy. Some lives can last centuries and still be empty. Lon is glad that he did his job and that the sword was well forged. Dai must display the true powers of the sword during battle and make Lon proud. After cutting cattle, King Romos comments that Dai is a true hero. Dai looks at his sword and realizes that it has incredible powers. She remembers Lon told her that Dai’s sword has a soul and that she chooses where and when to fight.

Dai believes that it is a weapon of destruction and should not be used anywhere. The sword has sealed its powers, and whoever wields it must borrow its “powers” during battle. Dai returns the blade and locks it to show that the war is over. Merle comments that Dai may have helped other fights, but there is still some evil energy lurking. One of the Kings wonders if the enemy leader was not inside the castle. Merle replies that she felt that something horrible was about to explode and told Dai to hurry up.

Previously in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 42

Merle warns Dai that Popp and the others are in danger. Mystvearn floats in the air and Hyunckle realizes that Mystvearn has lost his trump card, but does something different as he knows that Mystvearn retreats every time he loses his trump card. Hyunckle fires an Air Strike thinking that Mystvearn is wide open. Mystvearn didn’t even dodge the blow, and only his robes were destroyed. The Dark Aura emerges within Mystvear, who says it is an embarrassing failure. Hyunckle wonders what this guy will do for them.

Mystvearn is furious that King Veearn’s Sovereign Rock Castle is in ruins. He worries that he was not able to realize the power of Dai’s new sword. Popp intervenes, thinks Mystvearn is weaker now and tells her that he manages to underestimate them. Popp decides to finish off Mystvearn with Sizz. Hyunckle warns Popp not to get carried away. But the Thunderclap hits Mystvearn, who swallows the blow using his stomach. Mystvean deflects this blow and sends the group of heroes flying. Popp wonders how Mystvearn reflected his “plight.” Crocodine comments that Mystvearn amplified the spell and sent it back.

Hyunckle comments that the impact was closer to that of a Kasizz spell. Dark Puppetry Aura Decimantion Filed and Byut Deathstringer is a fraction of Mystvean’s true power. Mystvearn comments that he is going to ditch his Shadow Raiment and finish off Dai and his crew. They will discover that being run over by Sovereign Rock Castle or being ripped apart by its Dark Aura will be a better way to die. Mystvearn unleashes a formidable blow, but Killvearn, also known as Reaper, arrives and stops Mystvearn. Killvearn fights Popp and shows him Ripper Flute’s powers. Later, King Vearn appears and declares that he will defeat the legacy of his eternal rival, Avan.

dragon quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 43 Release Date

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 43 released on Saturday August 7 at 9:30 am This anime will release an episode every Saturday, unless the anime takes a weekly hiatus. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai has yet to reach its peak, as the heroes still have a long way to go. Check out more details on Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai below.

Where to watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 43?

You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 43 online on Crunchyroll, Hulu and VRV. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is available on its official platform and on other websites. The latest episodes are available with English subtitles. People interested in the latest episode and recent episodes can get them officially online.