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Dr Stone Chapter 204 release date

July 6, 2021

The war in the Stone World is over and the New World is born. Senku and Xeno have teamed up to complete their goal of reaching the moon. The accounts will be settled on the moon. The team of scientists loves to travel the world, gather new groups, and bring everyone back to life. Let’s look at the updates from Dr. Stone; the chapter begins with the image of the new votes of Senku and Gen. Gen Asagari defeated Senku and went from the third to the first position with 64,428 votes. Senku falls to second place with 45,880 votes.

Ryusui Nanami falls to third place with 22,451 votes; the title of the chapter is “Missile Heart”. These are the results of the popularity poll in Japan. After hard work, Senku and the team acquired the mineral that the team of scientists aspires to, Flourite. The group is happy to have traveled from Japan to Barcelona and obtained Flourite. Suika comments that the stone is shiny and shines brighter when heated. Gen adds that this stone is called the firefly stone in Japanese. Saseki is working on something and wonders if that’s glasses.

Senku talks about the lens and the telescope thinking about the moon. They find that it will be easy for them to search for the moon if they acquire a giant telescope. Senku believes that the man’s question will soon be revealed. They also talk about the crystals they will excavate during the mission. Suika is in love with the rocket that will soon be completed. Chrome reminds Suika that she is no longer the same girl. Senku talks about a miniature rocket and decides to test Dr. Xeno’s engine after choosing a location for the premiere.

Dr Stone Chapter 203 Featured

Gen is excited that they are going to see everything about the rocket instead of listening to the news. He says they are one step closer to the moon, even though they are in the world of stones. Ryusui adds that they arrive with an appropriate mission to the moon and precise course calculations. They decided which was the next city in India; Math City and Chrome say they are in Spain and wonder how they can use a ship to get to India. François comments that they will take a long way around the cape. Ryusui thinks there is something about the lingering news.

Ryusui warns that they are running out of fuel faster than expected and that it will be difficult for them to cross the Cape of Good Hope to reach India. Chelsea says it will be exciting if science keeps working on its problems. Chrome suggests producing more fuel from raw garbage. Senku reveals that they will be collecting materials for fuel, but will be staying here for a month until they set out on their next journey. They start to check the world map and how they are going to travel.

The World’s Greatest Geographer

François spoke of the path of the seas, bent by humanity as a shortcut. Chrome says it’s a lousy shortcut that allows them to get to their destinations faster. Suika thinks they are talking about the Banana Canal and Gen says it is the Panama Canal. Gen says the canal got clogged after 3,700 years of neglect; Chelsea says she is thinking about the Suez Canal connected with water at the same height. Kohaku says they would save a year of waiting if the shortcut works.

Ryusui realizes that he is not the type to expect and remembers the moment when they left Banana Road. He decides to remain the captain of the ship until they plan their trip to avoid encountering a dead end. Chelsea talks about exploration and Gen praises her for being the best geographer in the world. Chelsea responds that Gen is trying to make her blush by congratulating her. Chrome thinks things would have been different if Chelsea could have seen the canal from afar with a giant telescope. Suika finished with the large telescope and showed it to the team.

Chelsea starts using the telescope and decides to visit the Suez Canal. They discover that he is stranded and the trio falls back disappointed. Fortunately, Chelsea finds another route that they can use. She sees a dam made of trees, and Junk and Ryusui think about a lot of climate change over 3,700 years. Kohaku pulls out an ax and says they’re still 12 miles away, but she’s ready to cut down some trees. They realize that they have to check if the road is safe. They acquire missiles and blow up the trees blocking the way.

Dr. Stone Chapter 204 release date and where to read it online?

The release date for Dr. Stone Chapter 204 is July 11, 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. Stone on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free.