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Dr Stone Chapter 202 – “Trip to Spain”, release date!

June 22, 2021

The entire team set sail for the water in search of materials to build the three main elements of space travel, namely a spaceship, a spacesuit, and a rocket engine. His current goal is to go to Spain and collect Fluorite in Barcelona. They are finally back in the Mediterranean and a life full of adventure awaits them. Senku has yet to face Whyman, but he still uses Morse code and issues a warning to Senku that translates to “Do you want to die? This article will keep you posted with the release date of Dr. Stone’s Chapter 202 – “Trip to Spain.”

Dr Stone Chapter 202 Release Date

The release date for Dr. Stone Chapter 202 is confirmed for June 27, 2021. This is the official release date for the Dr. Stone manga and no further delays are expected this week. The next chapter will feature their trip to Spain to collect Fluorite in Barcelona, ​​but what awaits them there might surprise us. For more information on Shonen Jump’s weekly release dates and delays, stay tuned with us.

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