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Dr Stone Chapter 199 – “To The Moon” Release Date!

May 29, 2021

Dr Stone Chapter 199 -

Dr. Stone knows how to make his fans look forward to the next chapter. So far each week has been amazing with all the latest chapters having an amazing plot with unexpected and unpredictable twists. In the previous chapter, we saw Senku revive Xeno and inform him of his immortality. But he warns you not to tell anyone because only 4 people in total know. His priority now is to go to the moon before Medusa descends to earth. This blog will keep you posted on the release date of Dr. Stone Chapter 199 – “To the Moon.”

Dr. Stone Chapter 199!

After a lot of pressure build-up, we finally saw Suika find a way to bring Senku back. But after he was brought back, a new twist was shown in the chapter, with Senku and the others achieving immortality. Now they plan to go to the moon with everyone’s cooperation to build a rocket. Needless to say, Dr. Stone 199 will be amazing.

Release date for Dr. Stone chapter 199?

The release date for Dr. Stone Chapter 199 is set for June 6, 2021. This is an expected release date and may undergo some changes based on official deadlines. We will make sure to update this article whenever we receive updates on Dr. Stone 199.

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