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Dr. Stone Chapter 199 release date and spoilers

June 1, 2021

The Kingdom of Scince was reunited after Senku worked with Suika to dose everyone. But Chrome is concerned about something he overheard Senku and Tsukasa talking privately. Chrome walks over to the fire and enjoys a feast with Kaseki. He starts thinking about Kaseki and how they can keep him alive. Chrome hears Senku and Tsukasa say that Kaseki will come before the others if they revive him. The chapter of the Dr. Stone manga titled Whole New World. Tsukasa realizes that the light from the jellyfish can awaken the dead.

The two realize that they have an eternal life with humanity. Chrome has heard this too and is excited that Kaseki never dies. He confronts Senku and shows Tsukasa that he has a sharp mind. Chrome comments that they used to think of Tsukasa as a villain in the past, but he came up with a brilliant idea. Chrome says that she is still afraid of Tsukasa even though they are friends. Senku announces that the next stop is on the moon and that they must find a genuine expert to help them.

Dr. Stone Chapter 198 Summary

Senku has taken dose 17 and is approaching Xeno’s statue; Chrome asks Senku if he’s sure they should revive Xeno. Tsukasa comments that they won’t face any problems since Stanely is no longer in the game. Chrome folds her hands and comments that nothing is going to go wrong, as they have the mighty Tsukasa. Senku doses Xeno’s statue and comments that the rules of his world have changed by ten billion percent. Xeno’s sculpture begins to crack. He appears and comments that it is the light of immortality.

Xeno says that her motto is “How elegant it really is.” It also says that Senku violated the natural order with infamous science. Chrome asks Xeno if he says infamous science and he comments that nothing is wrong as everything worked perfectly. Tsukasa rejects Chrome, who wanted to tell the others that they are immortal and will never face death. Chrome says it’s the worst science ever. Senku confronts Xeno and they argue about science; it seems like a scientific battle.

Senku reveals that his world will be filled with billions and billions of older people. But food and resources will be limited. The two men enjoyed talking about the new world to be created. Tsukasa, Senku, Xeno, and Chrome have decided to keep a secret. They agreed to reveal everything to the Kingdom of Science after solving all the mysteries. They realize that if people in the future know the truth about immortality, they will try to rule the world as they wish.

Xeno asks the trio if they decided to include him in their plan and wonders why they took the risk. Senku doesn’t care about Xeno’s comments and shows him an item they used on Treasure Island. He explains everything to her, and Xeno realizes that he still has a lot to learn about immortality. Senku comments that humanity could be immortal now, but that he will have to pay the price for it. Xeno comments that this means that they will settle accounts by leading the negotiation on the moon. Stanley’s statue is near the hill and Xeno saw it.

Ryusui comments that Stanley’s attack could be fair or an assassination attempt against them. Xeno accepts Senku’s agreement, walks over to Stanley’s statue and kisses him. Xeno lights the cigarette at Stanley’s statue. Later, he wears his costume and starts working on something with Senku. The two realize it took them 3,700 years to team up and decide to build a stone spaceship. The two scientists work and have different ideas to achieve their goal. The spacecraft will be named after a junior brigade scientist named Senku.

Dr. Stone Chapter 199 Release date and where to read it online?

Dr. Stone Chapter 199 will be released on Sunday, June 6, 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. You can also read Dr. Stone, Chapter 198. Stone officially on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free.