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Dr. Stone Chapter 196 Release Date, Spoilers, and Online Manga Reading

May 13, 2021

After a weekly hiatus, Dr. Stone Chapter 196 is back. Treasure hunter, it is only the title of this chapter. Only Suika survived after humanity was wiped out on Earth. She must work alone, find and collect everyone’s statue. Suika has found Senku, Taiju, Chrome, and the statue of Gen, but knows that she has yet to find the fluid of rebirth. Later, he found Ginro, Francois, and Matsukaze. Try to imitate their voices.

Matsukaze asks if he couldn’t find them quickly, and Francois talks about the resuscitation fluid. Ginro says it’s good that they get back together. Suika took off her mask and noticed how the Science Kingdom team reacts when she revives. She has statues of Ginro and comments that she wishes they could talk since she is alone. Suika takes the floor and says she misses them a lot, looking forward to a real reunion. Suika said. She knows that statues are heavy, and when broken, in Dr. Stone chapter 196, Senku will use the goo.

Dr. Stone Chapter 195 Summary

Suika looks at Senku’s clothes and finds an old paper, wondering what to do with it. He realizes that Kohaku and the boy really got into a fight and retrieves their statues. Suika hugs the Kohaku statues and manages to find the empty bottle of cleaning fluid, full of brushes. She says she could have transported everyone if she had had a motorcycle. Suika thinks that would have solved the problem if the spinning tires had helped her. But to do a trick, use pins and some logs.

Suika picks up Kohaku and puts him in his new vehicle. Ith Kohaku arrives at Senku’s base later. She places Kohaku close to Senku, Taiju, Chrome and Gen, depending on their status and rank, she aligns them. Suika also brings Ryusui, thinking that she might have been loved by Ryusui if she were alive, for doing a great job. Kohaku reportedly told him to take a break and finish the last part of the mission. Suika knows that she speaks alone in the world. Apart from her, nothing is alive. Now what to expect from Dr. Stone chapter 196?

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 release date

The release date of Chapter 196 of Dr. Stone will be Sunday, May 16, 2021. The title of the chapter has not yet been released. You can read Dr. Stone Chapter 196 at the site below. You can let us know in the comment section below if you’re excited for the upcoming Ep 196 and some predictions and theories from Dr. Stone Chapter 196.

Where to read Dr. Stone chapter 196?

Viz Media and Mangaplus have free access to all chapters of the Dr. Stone Chapter 196 manga. We strongly condemn use on any unofficial anime streaming or manga reading site. Every week there is a new chapter.