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Detective Is Already Dead Episode 3 spoilers, release date and time

July 17, 2021

Based on the light novel written by Nigpju and illustrated by Umibozu, Detective is Already Dead is a new animated series. Its plot follows Kimihiko Kimizuka who, since childhood, has always found herself in troubling situations.

One day, he meets a detective named Siesta and becomes his assistant. They work together for three years, but Siesta dies. His past haunts him again as he continues to solve new cases and meets grim faces. Let’s take a look at the spoilers for Episode 3 of Detective Is Already Dead, the release date and time.

The detective is already dead Episode 2 summary

In the summary of episode 2 of “The Detective Is Already Dead”, an unknown girl approaches Kimizuka in the classroom. She asks if he is a detective, but Kimizuka rejects the idea.

Person X

The unknown girl pushes her hand down Kimizuka’s throat. He drowns and falls. After that, she hugs him, thinking that he needs a hug. The girl introduces herself as Nagisa. Kimizuka still denies being a detective, but Nagisa proves it by showing her diaries about her exploits.

Nagisa wants help finding someone who has provided her with a heart for her heart transplant. She does not know the identity of this person and therefore needs Kimizuka’s help to find her. Kimizuka names this person X and tells him that it is not her but her heart that wants to meet this person.

Meeting with Fuubi

Kimizuka agrees to help Nagisa find this person. The next day, he finds her on the street. As they chat, a thief meets Kimizuka. Once again he finds himself in such a situation and ends up catching the thief. Fuubi arrives to retrieve it.

Kimizuka informs Fuubi about Nagisa’s health condition. She suggests that she cannot help him, but that they can visit a village for help. This village is a keyword for prison and Kimizuka and Nagasi go there to meet a certain person.

Real identity

The person they came to meet is Koumori. This is the same guy who hijacked the plane 4 years ago. Kimizuka explains to Nagasi that she can help their cause. Thanks to its ability, Koumori can hear the conversations of people within a radius of 100 km.

He can hear Nagisa’s heartbeat and locate Person X. Koumori reveals that Nagisa’s heart belongs to Siesta. Kimizuka is surprised to hear this and considers it a coincidence. Nagisa gets mad at him and slaps him. However, the next moment he is going to kiss her. When they leave, he tells her that she is still Nagisa and that she has to live like one. When they separate, a girl breaks into Kimizuka’s place and asks if she is a detective.

The detective is already dead: spoilers for episode 3

In episode 3 of Detective Is Already Dead, the story will follow the following chapters of the light novel. Since the animated series is based on the novel, future events will be adapted directly from the material to come.

New business

Nagisa’s story cannot be ended. After all, she has Siesta’s heart and Kimizuka can’t forget her so easily. And it seems they will have a lot to do with the next case. A girl came to ask for help. The next episode will tell us what kind of case they are going to investigate.

The detective is already dead Episode 3 Ver online

Detective is Already Dead Episode 3 is available for free on the Muse Asia channel on YouTube. The episode is available for free to stream.

Detective Is Already Dead episode 3 release date and time

Here’s the release date and time for Detective is Already Dead Episode 3.

Japan – 10:00 pm, July 18
United States / Canada – 8:00 am, July 18
India – July 18, 6:30 pm
UK – 2:00 pm, July 18
Europe (CEST) – July 18, 3:00 pm