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D. Gray-Man Chapter 241: Innocence To Attack Mana?

August 7, 2021

D. Gray-Man Chapter 241: Innocence To Attack Mana?

In Allen’s memory, Innocence was first activated on Christmas Day when Manna died.

You can then save the resurrected mana as AKUMA and curse the mana with your left eye.

However, Allen’s Innocence was activated last time.

It’s weird isn’t it?

How correct is Allen’s memory?

Also, Apocryphos is saying right now that the sheep dedicated to the heart will soon be finished, but he is still executing the plan with Allen.

Apocryphos’s plan at the circus collapsed…?

Think about it!

D Gray Man Spoilers 241 | Innocence to attack the mana?

Allen where Innocence was first activated.

I think the trigger is Allen’s angry emotion, but the innocence that is still out of control is going to change to destroy AKUMA.

Thus, Innocence is not just a manipulated member of the Circus Corps, but Manna (Millennium Earl), the root of AKUMA.

Mana is about to be killed by Allen, who maintains a close relationship with her, while also dealing with the sadness of her dog Allen.

Alternatively, Apocryphos can manipulate Innocence to direct an attack on Mana.

When Allen’s Innocence was last activated, there was a scene where Apocryphos was getting close, so it’s very possible that he was doing something with Allen’s Innocence.

Mana is awakened by the Millennium Count who put a spell on Allen’s left eye.

Mana was injured by Innocence.

At this point, Mana can regain the memory of the Millennium Earl.

Allen’s vision of attacking Mana is likely to overlap with Mana (Millennium Count) who killed Nea (Allen).

And I hope it triggers the memory of going back to my memory of becoming the Earl of the Millennium!

It may be that Mana returns to the Millennium Count and is asked to kill Mana again.

When this happens, he tries to kill Allen, who is out of Innocence’s control.

However, Apokuri Foz stops, A was supposed to receive the Millennium Earl’s curse on his left eye, but Ren was saved from dying or he would not be.

The discoloration of the hair may not be the impact of killing the mana, but the curse of Count Millennium.

d gray man Chapter 241 Release Date

The next chapter will be included in Jump SQ.RISE 2021 AUTUMN, which will be released in October 2021.