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Chapter 145: One Punch Man 145 Release date and all the latest details.

April 25, 2021

The previous chapter of the manga series came out earlier than expected. It seems that this early premiere has spoiled fans, who now want to read One Punch Man Chapter 145 as soon as possible. Manga readers are always curious about the release date of the chapters, since the series does not follow a regular schedule like other series.

Fuhrer Ugly dominates the battle and everyone seems to be in great danger now. Even the best heroes can’t beat him. So now everyone is praying for Saitama to come back and save them all. If that doesn’t happen, something terrible will happen in the next chapter. So when will fans be able to read it? Here are the final details.

One Punch Man 145: plot details

According to the spoilers for the next chapter, Puri Puri will appear and save the Emperor from the children. The next chapter will also focus on the other battle. Fans will see Evil Natural Water take on Iaian, Darkshine, and Atomic Samurai. On the other hand, Fuhrer Ugly and Gums will continue to dominate Tank Top Master and Tatusmake. However, Genos is likely to save them.

One Punch Man chapter 145 will see Genos fight two powerful opponents. Since he’s not at the peak of his abilities, Gums and Fuhrer Ugly will be beating him in no time. Also, Bangs and Genos may come. Explosions can also overpower the Fuhrer Ugly. However, once the latter transforms, that will end for Bangs as well.

Summary of the previous chapter

In OPM chapter 144, viewers saw Black Sperm and Fuhrer Ugly beat up the Child Emperor and bring him to the ground. Tatsumaki is said to be the second strongest hero in the association after Saitama. But they also approached it easily. Tatsumaki successfully defended himself from the attacks of the SDF Emperor. However, she is already seriously injured, but still manages to reach her sister. After seeing his sister, Tatsumaki goes into insane mode to punish the person who hurt his sister. However, Fubuki prevented her from taking unnecessary measures as she had to become a hero. Soon, reinforcements from the Hero Association join the battle to save Tatsumaki.

Release date of One Punch Man chapter 145

As we mentioned earlier, OPM does not follow any schedule. Its author publishes the chapter as soon as he finishes writing it. Sometimes it is released after just a week and sometimes fans have to wait a month. So it’s hard to say its exact release date. According to various sources, One Punch Man 145 will be released around May 10, 2021. We will update this section in case the expected release date changes.