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Chapter 1016: Yamato Will Join The Straw Hats! Release date

June 12, 2021

One Piece chapter 1016 is titled “This is Otama.” The next chapter of the OP will be very intense as fans will finally see Yamato take on his father. Not only that, but her conversation with him also hints that he will soon join the Straw Hat Pirates after killing him.

Luffy’s fall affects the entire battlefield and the alliance begins to lose confidence. However, the Heart Pirates already saved Luffy in the previous chapter, and he is likely to join the battle as soon as he wakes up. Yamato also knows that he can’t beat his father, so he’s only buying time for Luffy to recover. Now it will be interesting to see if Yamato will be able to hold the battlefield against Kaido or not.


The next chapter will start with Hietetsu and Toko joining the Fire Festival at the Flower Capitol. The scene changes quickly for the CPO, who is analyzing the battle. They are quite surprised that the waiters and boaters have switched sides, and now the fight becomes even more unpredictable. Immediately afterwards, they find out that momonosuke has fallen. Thus, everyone realizes that Kaido has the upper hand in this battle now.

In One Piece Chapter 1016, Tama, Usopp, and Nami reach center stage. Suddenly, Ulti takes Usopp down and takes Tama with her. Also, Nami quickly attacks Ulti and discovers that a single good hit can knock her down. However, it is dangerous to attack while Tama is with her. Usopp uses one of his attacks to separate Tama from her, then Nami finishes him off with a heavy blow. Thus, Bao Huang announces the defeat of Page One and Ulti without even realizing that the announcement mode is on.

Chapter 1016: One Piece

The final moments of One Piece Chapter 1016 will see Yamato talking to his father. She will reveal to him that she is only buying time for Luffy to come back and hit him. In the last moments, the two men launch an attack. Their shock is so intense that black thunder appears because of it.

ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1016: release date

After reading the next chapter, readers will have to wait a bit longer as the manga series will take a week hiatus. One Piece Chapter 1016 will be released on Sunday, June 13, 2021. Fans will be able to read this new chapter for free on the Viz Media website.