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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 208 release date

July 12, 2021

Team Seven was recently joined by a new member, Kawaki, after reaching another dimension. They fight to free Lord Seventh, who is trapped in bolder metal. The battle between Lord Boro and Team Seven continues in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. After being crushed by the Rasengan, Boro was able to instantly regenerate. Kawaki comments that they are fighting a monster. Boro says that he has gained the ultimate body and that he is a being that has surpassed humans. He swears that no Shinobi can defeat him at this point, which infuriates Boruto. The episode is titled “Regeneration.”

Boro realizes that Mistuku will be a threat since he will be the one to expose his plans. Mitsuki managed to use the Boro virus after his snakes bit Boro to revive Boruto. They are happy that they managed to produce antibodies using Boro and Boruto’s blood. Boruto teases Boro that he’s having a dirty fight and replies that the brats won’t beat him. Team Seven has changed positions and Boro realizes that they are doing a pincer attack. Kawaki is still worried that they are taking the time to save Lord Seventh. Boro realizes that he must destroy his formation and head towards the most daring.

Boruto wonders what Boro will do to his father. Boro comments that he has ways of breaking his teamwork. Kawaki attempted to attack Boro, who frees Shuriken, who explodes upon contact with Kawaki. Boruto wonders if Kawaki exploded, but Kawaki survived the hit. Boro is impressed that Kawaki is protecting the Hokage, and the rest of the team arrives. Boruto reminds Kawaki to stick to the plan, or he will be killed. Boro tells Kawaki that dating those brats weakened him.

Previously in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 207

Boro tells Kawaki that they are going home together and that he is going to stop him. The four of them tell Boro that they are going to protect the Hokage. Boro asks them what they are going to do to save the Hokage. Boruto scolds Boro for saying that he can save the world. Boro comments that he will take home the Karma brat. Boruto and Mitsuki charge and Kawaki grabs Sarada’s arm, asking her for a favor. Boruto frees the Shadow Clones and throws them towards Boro.

A three-way battle begins as they trade blows with Boro. Boruto is excited when Rasengan cuts off Boro’s arm. But Boro regenerates them and nails them to the ground. Sarada realizes that she can’t wait and decides to punch Boro after realizing that the Light and Fire styles are too dangerous. She shoots guns and Boro uses the lava style. As his attention wanders, Mistuki surrounds him with snakes.

Boruto’s new form of karma

Kawaki teleports in front of Boro after unleashing his Karma and hits Boro with a red bolt. Boro’s body is cut into pieces, and Boruto wonders if Boro has been eliminated. Boro wakes up and lives again, and they realize that he will continue to regenerate. Boruto wonders if the battle will end soon. Mitsuki realizes that if they don’t put their plans in motion, they won’t leave this place alive. Kawaki suggests attacking Boro with whatever they have. Mitsuki believes that they cannot win like this as he continues to regenerate.

Boro is naked because his clothes have been destroyed and Sarada can’t believe they are fighting a naked man. Boro asks Team Seven if they have completed their strategy meeting. Sarada allows the boys to attack using the powers of her eyes to locate weak points. Boruto continues with the same strategy as Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Mitsuki follows it with heavy skrikes. Sarada realizes that Kawaki told her about the Boron boundary and it is her key to winning this fight after destroying the Boro core.

Sarada realizes that if they destroy the core, Boro will not be able to regenerate, and this will be his victory. She continues to use her sharingan to locate the “core”, but is concerned that it is taking time. Mitsuki attacks with Striking Shadow Snake Assault who bites Boro, who uses the flames to burn them. Sarada manages to find the core and wonders what to do as she tells the boys that Boro will notice and move her “core”. Sarad unleashes Chidori, removes her heart, and manages to free Lord Seventh. But a plump Boron stomped on Mitsuki. Boruto transforms into a new form with a blue Karma line and a horn.

Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 208 Release Date

The last release date for Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 208 is July 18, 2021. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available online on Crunchyroll and animelab.